Book beginnings on Friday

Boog beginnings on Friday

Cover Let the right one in by John Ajvide Lindqvist

I started “Let the right one in” by John Ajvide Lindqvist a few days ago and really like it. If you think this is a vampire story like Twilight, you couldn’t be more wrong. Here is its beginning.

“And what do you think this might be?”

Gunnar Holmberg, police commissioner from Vällingby, held up a little plastic bag of white powder.

What is YOUR book beginning today? To see more book beginnings go to Rose City Reader!

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  1. Sounds like a book I’d love! I’m not starting anything today, but I’m currently reading Life After Life by Kate Atkinson.


  2. I’ve never heard of this book or the author but it sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Here’s my Friday Meme Post


  3. Now I really wonder what is the white powder in the plastic bag. Drugs? Salt? Sugar? Flour? 😀

    Let’s hope I don’t lose sleep over it or I might have to actually read the book 🙂


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