In my mailbox


A few things today that I am really looking forward to:

I bought

  • Not a book, but I am excited about it. I bought the first season of Downton Abbey after seeing a little of the first episode. Everybody talks about it. I want to know what all the hype is about – late as usual.

From the library


Cover Ancient Rome on 5 Denarii a Day by Phili MatyszakCover Our tragic universe by Scarlett ThomasDowntown Abbey

What was in YOUR mailbox recently? 

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  1. Heard so much about Downton Abbey, but never watched a single episode. Then again, I’m not that much into historical dramas, so I shall be forgiven. I have been eyeing the first season of the Walking Dead though, but as usual I am waiting for it to be available at the cheapest price possible. I hate nothing more than buying something and three weeks later it’s half price.
    Birgit’s last post ..2 by 2 Giveaway


    • I will let you know, Ally. It will a while though as I am terribly slow. But our library has installed a new fee system, so now I have to hurry up reading their books, otherwise it’ll cost me dearly.


  2. Oh, that Ancient Rome guide looks promising! I’ll have to look into that 🙂 Downton Abbey is a gem, I hope that you will agree with me. And you’ve got 3 seasons to look forward to! The End of Mr Y was a pleasant surprise, I hope that Our Tragic Universe (on my to-read list as well) won’t disappoint!


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