Movie: Let the right one in


After reading the book I had to watch the movie. They say it is fantastic, a masterpiece, the best vampire movie ever and what not. My expectation were high.

The cast is good, the girl who plays Eli is perfect, she has this look about her that makes her 200 year long existence totally believable. The boy who plays Oskar I am not so sure about. Actually, the boy who played Micke (at least I assume that he is Micke) would have been better suited as far as looks are concerned. Chubbier, not as cute.

If I had not read the book beforehand I don’t think I would have enjoyed the film. I want things explained and this film didn’t explain anything. It left some characters out and got rid of a few storylines in order to concentrate on the relationship between Eli and Oskar, which was a bit disappointing. A lot of questions were left unanswered and I didn’t like it. How did Eli become a vampire? How did Hakan come to be her helper?

In the book we experience the story from a lot of point of views, but here we don’t get any. The long process of Virgina reaching the point where she wants to die. The way Lacke found Eli. Why are Conny (i.e. Johnny) and his brother so pissed off at Oskar that they want to kill him? All these things are not explained properly. The bullies are what bothered me most. They are depicted bad, but not THAT bad. In the book I hated them from the start, in the movie they are mean, but not to the point where you are looking forward to their punishment. In the book it is made perfectly clear why they want to kill Oskar, here they go from hiding his trousers to killing him without any reasoning behind it. The scene comes unexpected and we have no time to get into the mood where we want them to get their just deserts.

The movie is worth watching, but I strongly recommend you read the book beforehand.

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    • I still have to watch the American one so I can compare the two. But I have heard the original one is better. That does not bode too well for the remake.


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