Pretty happy with my new look

The new look is different, but I am totally happy with it. With all that snow and dreadful neverending winter I needed something spring-y and uplifting! And it reflects my current revitalized scrapbooking obsession. 

You like? 

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  1. Yesterday I might have gasped upon your confession of yet another blog make-over, but today I … all right, I am gasping again, but in a good way! I totally love the new look – it’s so fresh and the playful header is adorable! Plus the notebook-ish background is really neat too.
    Birgit’s last post ..The Reading Files – Why not go all the way?


    • Birgit, I am so sick of winter (I bet that you are, too) and really needed something cute and nice and flower-y. With the last look I was not happy at all, but I am with this one. Puts me into a good mood.


      • Tell me about it! All that snow outside makes me want to scream!!!

        I do have one tiny little question though – why do some words/lines in my comments seem to be written in a different font!? In case you’re wondering about that too, I swear I didn’t do anything funny while typing these words (other than freezing, but that should be unrelated).


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