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Exactly two years ago, in March 2011, I started crocheting a stole. You can see the progress of it here – that was at a time when I was still optimistic I would EVER finish that thing. However, it was not meant to be, and about a year later I unravelled the little I had. One of my problems was that it started out small and got wider and wider and every row took longer and longer until I saw no end of it – and started something else: a pet project of mine, a scarf.

Everybody knows I love DROPS. I found this great pattern for a crochet scarf at their website and started crocheting. Meanwhile the scarf has reached the impressive length of 20 cm. The photo of the scarf looks much darker than the yarn, but it starts out rather dark (inside of skein) and gets lighter (and more purple). Fun to work with. It is called “Bauerngarten” (Farmer’s garden) and is from the shop 100 Farbspiele.

Crochet scarf "Farmer's Garden"

It is really easy to make and I am determined to finish it this year (I can hear some of you laugh out loud now). Cross your fingers!

Have you done anything crafty lately? Let me know, I am always looking for inspiration.


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  1. I have been knitting on and off during the winter months and you’ll never guess what … I’m a bit of a scarf-fanatic too! Admittedly this is mostly due to the fact that a scarf is about the easiest thing to knit, as long as you stick to simple patterns that is. That said, I am more than impressed by your Farmer’s Garden Scarf Project! I don’t think I will ever venture into crochet territory and knowing me, I don’t think I’ll get into one of those complicated knitting patterns either. As lovely as cable knit may sound, I’d rather let someone else do that kind of work.
    By the way, my favorite kind of knitting is with chunky yarn where you can literally finish a piece in an afternoon or two. Instant gratification has certainly something going for it!


  2. That looks wonderful. I have been wanting to crochet but it’s so long ago that I don’t really remember how to. I guess I just need a pattern and equipment and get started.

    GOod luck with your scarf. It’s a beauty.
    Judith’s last post ..Weekly Reading Roudup


    • It is really easy to get back into. I haven’t crocheted for a long time, but it seems to be like swimming or riding on a bike. You never forget how to do it.


  3. Your scarf is gorgeous. I remember falling in love with that wool when you first started with it and I haven’t changed my mind. A few rows every day and you’ll be done before you realize. I’m so glad you are working on it again, it is too lovely to be hiding away in a bag.

    I like the nice clean look of your redesigned blog. One of these days I must do the same and go for a lighter look. it is rather a dark template that I used.
    Heather’s last post ..Needlework Tuesday – Permission to Play or How I Whacked even more 4 Patches


    • Thanks, Heather, I am much happier with this more floral and uplifting look. And it fits in with my scrapbooking, :).
      As for the scarf, I am following your advice and do at least a little every day.


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