Weekend Cooking: A soup from the Carnation Café

I am by no means a Disney fan, but for various reasons I always listen to the Capturing Magic Podcast which is part of the Capturing Magic.me site. The other day they were discussing Disney related pins from Pinterest and one of the panelists mentioned this great recipe she found there for a Loaded Baked Potato soup served at the Carnation Café.

I had to check it out and wanted to share the link to the recipe with you, because it looks and sounds really delicious. Obviously everybody who has ever tasted it feels like they have gone to heaven. I haven’t tried it yet, but will make it this weekend (without the bacon, that is).

So, if you now have a craving for a hearty soup, have a look at the recipe for Loaded Baked Potato Soup at the Disney Parks Blog,


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  1. What a good hearty soup for the cold weather we have been getting. I would use the bacon too but it sure would be good without it…love potatos.


    • Heather, I don’t think there could be a vegan version that comes close to this one. If you leave the cream away, there is not much left of it, :). I am not very familiar with almond milk, but I would imagine it is too thin and has too much of its own flavour.


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