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I was slightly disappointed with this book. The last vegetarian book in this series had plenty of slow cooker meals, but in this book a lot of the recipes were non-crockpot meals and I am not sure how that ties in with the fix-it and forget-it idea.

Right the first recipe is for mushroom manicotti, and, frankly, I do not see the “forget-it” in a meal that calls for cooked manicotti, preparing the stuffing, stuffing the pasta, bake it and then prepare a tomato sauce on the side to serve it with.

So far to me this series represented easy recipes where I could throw the ingredients into the slow cooker and forget about them until the cooker had worked its magic. This concept seems to have been given up now for the sake of “roasting, stir-frying and steaming – all the methods that so highlight vegetables’ star qualities”. Admittedly those recipes sound mouth watering and lovely: Tasty lentil tacos, Polenta with spicy bean sauce, Quinoa with broccoli and hoisin sauce, but they are not what I came for.

I saved some of the slow cooker recipes and am definitely planning on making them soon. The non-crockpot dishes are definitely worth a go as well, just that they are not the fix-it and forget-it kind. If you don’t mind that, go for this book.

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Title Fix-it and forget it: Vegetarian main dishes
Author Phyllis Pellman Good
Publisher Open Road Integrated Media
I got this book from the publisher via Netgalley
Buy link Buy Fix-it and forget-it: Vegetarian Main Dishes

Have you read this book? What did you think of it? I would love to hear other opinions.

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  1. I know what you mean. The modern concept of using the slow cooker involves time on the stovetop and other fussing. I realize the results are much better than just throwing everything into the cooker, but when I use the slow cooker, I’m usually looking for a one-step meal!
    Beth F’s last post ..Weekend Cooking: Tequila Lime Chicken


  2. I don’t mind the side work for a slow cooker book, but I would think that a “fix it and forget it” book would be catered to people who use the slow cooker for a specific purpose, for expediency. I like Michele Scicolone’s French and Italien Slow cooker books myself.
    Betti’s last post ..Weekend Cooking


  3. I have heard of this series, but haven’t seen any of the books. Will have to see if my library has any so i can preview before buying. Thanks for your comments. I also like recipes tht are tasty but easy to prepare. I don’t mind the prep work, but love the ‘leave it alone to cook’ phase even better.
    Heather’s last post ..Needlework Tuesday – A Small Mystery Revealed


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