Espresso Shot by Cleo Coyle

 Cover Espresso Shot by Cleo Coyle

Very short synopsis:

Finally Matt is getting married and will soon be out of the house. However, someone seems to be on the warpath and wants to kill bridezilla.


I read it in: English

I liked it:    Rather

For people who like: cozy mysteries, coffee

I must admit that I am jumping around a bit in this series. The last book that I read was no. 2 (Through the Grinder) and it was extremely disappointing. I got so annoyed with it in fact that I dnf’ed it. This one was much better again.

I am happy to say that Cleo Coyle has finally gotten the name of Jackson Pollock right. This was a huge bugbear for me, but eventually the man got his proper name.

Then again there is always room for more error…listen to this:

“…Saloma Sunrise.”

“Saloma?” Nunzio smiled. “My little hometown?”

“And Ovid’s, too, right?”

He nodded, clearly happy that I’d done my research.

I am afraid, not. Ovid’s birthplace is called Sulmona nowadays, and was then called Sulmo. Saloma is – according to my research which took me all of 30 seconds-  a community in Kentucky. A bit out of the way as far as Ovid is concerned. I don’t know why this author never gets the facts straight. Research, yeah, right.

Back to the story. It was quite nice, with tons of suspects, not too many corpses and a Clare as meddling as ever. In the end Breanna turned out to be human after all and with Matt  out of the house Clare finally has the flat to herself and Mike. All is well.

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Title Espresso Shot
Author Cleo Coyle
Publisher Berkley
ISBN 9780425230763
I got this book from Birgit at the Book Garden
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Have you read this book? What did you think of it? I would love to hear other opinions.

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  1. Oh my, I didn’t even realize that you DNF one of the books in the series *gasp* but seriously, apart from the whole coffee-talk which, come to think of it, soaks pretty much all of the Coffeehouse mysteries with too much caffeine, I remember enjoying the 2nd book a lot more than the 1st one. And Espresso Shot was quite good too as far as I recall. Now I’m looking forward to Roast Mortem which I recently ordered from AwesomeBooks and from now on I definitely plan to read this (and other) series in order. The whole jumping from one book to the next can get a bit annoying, so linear time-line reading from now on. Hopefully.


    • Yes, the constant talk about coffee is a bit tedious. I mean, how much do people want to know about it? They just want to drink it.
      I am having Murder by mocha sitting here waiting, but there are tow more in between, so I am going to wait.
      What annoyed me most about Through the Grinder was the fact that Clare had this relationship with that guy (I foget his name) when I thought she was already falling for Mike. Thank Heavens, that he was bumped off at the end of the book, even though he did not deserve that (I read the end just to know what happens to him).


  2. Hi friend! I love cozy mysteries and actually have the first one of this series to read, but my time is limited and I hate to waste time. Is the first one really worth it? or should I shelve it and go to another book? – Kat ((hugs))


    • Kat, great to hear from you. It depends really. The books are very nice and quick reads. I would give the first one a try and see how you like the atmosphere. You will find out after the first few chapters whether the books are for you.


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