A crafty killing by Lorraine Bartlett

 Cover A crafty killing by Lorraine Bartlett

In a nutshell:

Short synopsis:

Young widow gets thrown into the artsy business world and needs to find her way around. Snooping around included.

Language I read the book in: English

Did I like it? Yes

For people who: like cozies with moderate sleuthing, crafts, antique malls and the like

My thoughts: 

I got this book from Birgit without knowing anything about this series. The crafty/artsy theme appealed to me and I quite liked the atmosphere and the setting. Even though some things didn’t add up or made sense to me, for example, why would a run down artisans’ alley which was completely neglected be crucial for the survival of a Victorian square with lovely specialty shops is a mystery to me. Why shoppers would head for the dark, uninviting artists’ place and then – as a second thought – visit the pretty shops was never explained.

The sleuth, even though not 100% my kind of girl (how often can you say “swell” in one paragraph?), was bearable and not too nosy. Her sleuthing and snooping was also quite moderate, she had her work cut out already with getting that shack back up to par. Quite nice after being around all those uber busybodies who put their noses into everybody else’s business 24/7.

I am definitely curious about what is going to happen to Artisans’ Alley now that Katie is in charge. My remodeling/remaking nature is coming through and I want to see it transformed into a place where I would like to shop as well. The sequels are a must read for me for that reason alone.

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Title A crafty killing
Author Lorraine Bartlett
Publisher Penguin USA
ISBN 9780425239858
I got this book from Birgit from The Book Garden
Buy link Buy A crafty killing

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