Smoke and Mirrors by Marie Treanor

Smoke and Mirrors (The Gifted, #1)Smoke and Mirrors by Marie Treanor
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Marie Treanor has a knack for creating heros I am smitten with. Drago from Gothic Dragon was the cream of the crop, but Rodion Kosar comes a close second (I keep thinking of Keyser Soze – somehow name and character remind me of him). The story was a bit too much action for me, but I did even the action parts quite a bit.

There is great chemistry between Rodion and Nell, but I had a few misgivings about the fact that throughout the book he was always going on in his head about there could not be a commitment. In the end there was one without anything having changed. From the start it was clear that either the mission would either fail or be successful, so what kept him from thinking that, if successful, he and Nell could not stay together? He could have easily said “Listen, if we get out of here alive and kicking, it’s a deal. If we fail, we (or I) will be dead anyway.” That was unnecessary tension, because it made no sense to me.

Nevertheless, I loved the couple together, as well as the secondary characters. The second book in this series (and obviously, so far, the last), Hearts and minds, is about Nikolai, which does not surprise me. He plays only a very minor part in the first book, but I can see some great potential here. Nell describes him as a “lecherous Jesus”, which was a misconception on her part, but gave a good visual description. Looking forward to it.

I don’t know who did the cover art for the two books, but I didn’t think it was fitting. The guy on Smoke and Mirrors looks nothing like I picture Rodion, he is way too soft looking. Fiery eyes don’t make him a badass, but I suppose one must be grateful that at least he is blond. And what about the stupid cloak? This is not a 19th century vampire story. Sometimes those cover artists don’t even seem to have read the descriptions. But, of course, that’s only me. If the cover guy floats your boat, even better.

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Big Bang Theory Amigurumi Patterns

Für Häkelfreunde, die auch Amigurumi UND The Big Bang Theory lieben, gibt es nun Amigurumi Anleitungen kostenlos. A[mi]dorable crochet hat die Anleitungen hier auf ihrem Blog gepostet. Es gibt sie für alle Hauptcharaktere, häkelt alle oder nur eure Lieblingsfigur.


For people who love crochet, amigurumi AND The Big Bang Theory there are some adorable amigurumi patterns for free available. A[mi]dorable crochet offers them on her blog here. Crochet all the TBBT characters for a fun display.


Crafty Tuesday – Blanket crochet along part 1

Unser Crochetalong wird langsam. Zumindest bei mir, denn Nina mußte erst noch eine Kuscheldecke fertigmachen und hat gerade mit Teil 2 angefangen. Ich habe schon beinahe Teil 2 fertig. Teil 1 seht ihr hier schon mal. Die Farben gefallen mir gut, eine richtige Winterdecke. Übrigens könnt ihr das Projekt auch hier auf Ravelry verfolgen –> Blanket Crochet Along oder bei -> Instagram.


Our crochet along is coming along nicely At least mine is; Nina had to finish a very cuddly blanket first and is starting with part 2 now. I am almost done with part 2. Here you can see part 1 already. I really like the colors, it’s going to be a nice winter blanket. By the way, you can also follow my project here on Ravelry –> Blanket Crochet Along or on -> Instagram.

Crochetalong Teil 1


New crochet project–a crochet along blanket

Nachdem ich Nina von Cherish Each Day ein gemeinsames Häkelprojekt vorgeschlagen hatte, kam sie sofort mit einer Idee. Eine hübsche Babydecke, die man natürlich auch größer machen kann. Der sogenannte crochet along wird von organisiert und fand schon letztes Jahr statt, aber das heißt ja nicht, daß man nicht nachhäkeln kann.

Zuerst hatte ich geplant, Wolle zu verwenden, die ich schon habe, aber Nina ging unmittelbar nach Projektbeschluss einkaufen – etwas übermotoviert, wenn ihr mich fragt -, und da kann ich nicht nachstehen. Jetzt werde ich wohl auch neues Garn kaufen müssen. Ach, welche Mühsal!

Bei dem Tempo wird Nina wahrscheinlich schon zu zwei Dritteln fertig sein, bevor ich überhaupt angefangen habe.


After I suggested a project together Nina from Cherish each day has found a super lovely baby blanket (which can be made bigger and thus turned into a regular one). The crochet along which is hosted by already took place last year, but this is no reason not to play, is it?

At first I was going to use some yarn that I already have in the house, but then Nina has to go along and buy some for herself on the very day we decided to do this project – talk about over enthusiastic! Anyway, now I am forced to come up with some new yarn as well (oh, the hardship) and will go to the creative market tomorrow to have a look around. Probably, by the time I start crocheting, Nina will already have 2 or 3 parts done, haha. We’ll see!


Tribune of Rome by Robert Fabbri

Tribune of Rome (Vespasian, #1)Tribune of Rome by Robert Fabbri

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For lovers of historical fiction set in ancient Rome this is a must read.
The book covers only a very short period of Vespasian’s life, starting with an omen after his birth and then jumping to him when he is about 16 years old and soon going to Rome to make his career. It describes how he becomes involved in a conspiracy against conspirators, how he then joins the army and the following events.

This is nothing for the faint at heart. If you thought the crucifixions and decimation in "Fortunes’ Favourites" by Colleen McCullough were bad, be prepared for worse. Robert Fabbri doesn’t gloss over anything. His decriptions are vivid and brutal, gruesome and bloody. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Nevertheless, even I – and I am quite a sissy – made it through and loved it. I wasn’t even done with this book yet, when I ordered the next book in the series, so I can continue reading right away.

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