Falling from the sky by Sarina Bowen

Falling from the Sky (Gravity, #2)Falling from the Sky by Sarina Bowen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In this second story of the Gravity Series the hero did have a problem, for real. A good change from the regular romance novels, but as I found out, it doesn’t make a difference to me in whether I like the book or not. Odd, right? I always complain about the contrived problems, so you would think I appreciate it when a real one comes along, but no.

Somehow it felt to me that Hank, even though he found himself in a wheelchair after a snowboarding accident, even though he saw himself as useless (especially to women) after being the alpha man, went on just as before (minus the snowboarding, but even that got better at the end). His supposed loneliness was rather self induced – if you discard his posh girlfriend leaving him, but good riddance anyway. He had money galore and could put it to good use. A complete makeover of his house to suit the disabled? Check. A Porsche with all the hand controls? Check. Contrary to what they say in the story I do think that there are only VERY few disabled people owning a Porsche with hand controls.

The heroine – smart, pretty, not to say beautiful, but otherwise not very interesting – had it in her head that she was only a distraction for Hank. That a man like him would never look twice at a girl like her, if he wasn’t in a bad situation and had no alternatives. Just because he did not jump her when he saw her for the first time, which was right before the accident, she got that idea that he found her unattractive and stuck with it. But of course, this did not keep her from having sex with him numerous times. She hadn’t left her hometown because she waited for a man to come along, and when he did come along, she wanted to leave as soon as possible, giving up a good career opportunity (which she got thanks to him). Talk about messed up.

If you liked the first book, you might want to give this a go, especially as you will see glimpses of Dane and Willow here and there.

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