A fortunate blizzard by L.C. Chase

A Fortunate BlizzardA Fortunate Blizzard by L.C. Chase
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Trevor and Marcus meet by chance because of a blizzard that keeps them from going where they want to go. I had hoped this was a cabin romance as I am a sucker for that sort of stuff, but actually the cabin aspect was not really there as being snowed in at a hotel for one night with a lot of other people doesn’t qualify. Nevertheless this was a super sweet story with a tinge of tragedy, but, as could be expected, the tragedy didn’t take place after all.

Insta-love doesn’t even begin to cover the relationship that Trevor and Marcus develop in more or less one night. Somehow it didn’t come over as contrived or forced, so I was all for it. Marcus’ evolution, however, from dedicated workaholic to devoted friend and lover (after a couple of days no less) was more than astounding and I didn’t find it believable. He offered to donate a kidney so readily that it was downright creepy.

The first few days of this blooming relationship took a large part of the book, the second part felt shortened. How all Marcus’ co-workers rallied for Trevor was amazing, given that Marcus never gave a damn about any of them previously. Finding a donor was just too pat for my taste apart from the questionable setup of that charity. You organize an event like that for one donor alone? What about all the other people that are on death’s door because they don’t find a donor? As the whole topic of the story was helping Trevor to a new life, I would have found it more than appropriate to at least mention that the charity event resulted in a few more possibly happy endings for some other people.

Speaking of the happy ending, this was rushed as well. A donor is found and the next thing we read is a sort of epilogue quite some time later and that is that. This was all too easy and flawless for me. A little less love at the beginning and a bit more content at the end would have made that story more substantial for me.

That being said, for a sweet and light Christmas romance, this is a good story to consider.

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