Scent of Scotland: Lord of Moray #1 by Mac Flynn

Scent of Scotland: Lord of Moray #1 (Lord of Moray, #1)Scent of Scotland: Lord of Moray #1 by Mac Flynn
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This was a free read from All Romance and the cover looked exceptionally good, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I think I can say that I am a very forgiving reader. As long as there is chemistry between the characters I accept a lot of crap. But there is really nothing about this story that appealed to me.

What’s wrong with it?

OK, first a short synopsis: Abigail, a very poor seamstress notices a carriage which emanates an enticing scent she can’t resist, follows it and eventually meets her lover/mate/master who fucks her senseless.

* Way too short. Considering that this is obviously the first part of an ongoing project there is way too much stuff packed into 35 pages. Abigail’s miserable life is described, she follows the carriage, gets kidnapped, stays overnight in an inn after an attempt to escape, arrives in Sctoland, meets the laird, has dinner and conversation, ends up in a dungeon, witnesses the transformation of the handsome laird to a horrrible beast and has sex with said beast. All this on 35 pages. Needless to say with all that action going on the characters themselves stay a bit in the dark.

* There is no, and I repeat, no chemistry between Abigail and the laird (I forget his name if it ever was given). Not surprisingly I didn’t feel a thing. There was not nearly enough time to develop any emotional bond between hero and heroine. The reason the sex was so overwhelming, mind blowing and generally awesome was the scent that indicates Abigail is the laird’s mate. You see, she cannot resist the scent.

* Strangely enough she could just five minutes ago. The bloke gives off the scent like there’s no tomorrow and Abigail resists it just fine. Once he turns into a beast with a snout the same scent is just irresistible.

* Sex with the beast. I get the whole shifter thing and have read my fair share of shifter romance. But under normal circumstances (if you can call it that) the sex usually takes place in human shape. Not saying that sometimes afterwards the shifter doesn’t turn into a cuddly wolf and whatnot, but the physical act itself is pretty much always between humans. Sex with a furry animal? Might be out there in shifter romance, but I don’t want to read about it.

* The laird asks her to lock him into a dungeon cell to protect her from the beast. He also warns her. She must not move a muscle or make a sound once he is in beast form, because the beast wants her and once it notices her the laird (who IS the beast) cannot control it any longer. God knows what the beast is going to do to her. About one minute later we know what that is because, well, what can I say, as soon as Abigail sees (and smells) the beast she moves, she screams and then she opens the cell door. And then she has the best sex ever – and I can only repeat, with an animal whose face obligingly transforms into something more human during the act, probably because kissing with a snout is a bit diffcult.

* After that scene the story comes to an abrupt end. From some comments on Goodreads I take it people see it as a cliffhanger, but after this there is really nothing I want to know about Abigail’s story anymore.

* The story needs serious editing. Apart from the odd word that doesn’t fit and needs to be removed there are some orthographic mistakes that I can’t overlook. A bell is not the same as a belle and even though a hansom might be a pretty sight it is certainly not handsome.

I liked the story idea, but the execution was just lacking in every aspect.

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