Making waves by Vivienne Savage

Making WavesMaking Waves by Vivienne Savage
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After reading Vivienne Savage’s dragon shifter trilogy it was obvious I had to read “Making Waves” that takes place at Teo’s resort. According to All Romance this is part of the Mythological Lovers series, but as far as I could see the series so far consists of this one book.

Shifters seem to be still going strong and I thought that the genre is explored to its nth degree by now, but Vivienne Savage presents us a Hippocampus shifter. At first I thought this was a bit odd as I kept thinking of sea-horses, finding it slightly off putting. However, after some research it turned out Hippocampi are not as cutesy and tiny as I imagined. In fact they look like this (the horse that is, just in case you were wondering).


Neptun Fountain


Anyway, mythological creatures – this is definitely taking it up a notch from the usual wolves and tigers. But apart from that there was nothing extraordinary about the couple. There were some problems coming from various sides but nothing overly worrying, most of the issues got resolved before they became tedious and annoying. People behaved mostly reasonable and the heroine was not the silly kind. There were a few sad moments, but all in all the story left you with a fuzzy feeling – and isn’t this what most readers of this genre are looking for?

I wonder whether more books will follow and what creatures Vivienne Savage could possible come up with. A Minotaur comes to mind, especially as it already has a fitting legend attached to it. Or how about a shifter chimera? Once all the stops are out, anything goes.

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