Bastian’s Storm by Shay Savage

Bastian's Storm (Surviving Raine, #2)Bastian’s Storm by Shay Savage
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Reading this is a necessity before continuing the Evan Arden series. I was not disappointed but have to say that my expectations were not met. I had thought that the book would focus more on the tournament and the two guys, but it took until 85% to get there. Everything before is just working up to that moment in a rather slow way.

Evan hates the situation as it is now and I can understand it. He’s not made for that lifestyle and has nothing to do but wallow in misery. Fine for a while but to me all events before the tournament were simply more of the same from Surviving Raine just without the island but with more people and distractions.

What I liked most was the interaction between Sebastian and Evan. I would have preferred to see more of that; the short encounters before the battle and then the tournament itself were not nearly enough for me. Those two as a team, invincible. Bastian, the somewhat more resourceful one, but with less self control and prone to losing it, Evan, calm and composed, great at recon. They should open up business together.

Now I am more than eager to read the next book about Evan. I have questions that need answers…

Shay Savage delivered a good sequel to Surviving Raine, but left her options open. For now everything is fine and dandy, but who knows for how long?

One word about the cover: Is that another one of those where the cover artist hasn’t read the book? Those two guys are nothing like how I picture either man (and seeing the images in GR reviews I am not alone).

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