Isolated by Shay Savage

Isolated (Evan Arden, #4)Isolated by Shay Savage
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a very short story, basically an intermezzo between two books and an addition to Bastian’s Storm. I already liked Shay Savages style and approach in the previous books, but now I’m enthusiastic.

Not only did she give us the tournament scene from Evan’s point of view – interesting and enlightening at the same time with a revelation that explains a few things -, but she also gave Evan’s story a really good twist. I am aware many readers don’t like that outcome but I find it extremely satisfying. Not because I disliked Lia, but for once we do see what’s happening AFTER the (not so) happily ever after. Problems do not go away just because of love. And they have consequences. This is not nice, not enjoyable, but realistic.

If this was regular romance a continuation wouldn’t be possible. Once the couple gets together the reader loses interest in them. Who wants to know about domestic problems, money worries and infidelity? Btw, I don’t see Evan as cheating on Lia at all. He did what he had to do, so please stop going on about him being unfaithful.
Here the story after the HEA stays just as intriguing, interesting and breathtaking as it was before. I liked that Evan kept his word and took care of Franks and at the same time used it to his own “family’s” advantage. Bastian is right, how devious is that guy?

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