Falling for Matt by James Lee Hard

Falling for Matt: A Second Chance at LoveFalling for Matt: A Second Chance at Love by James Lee Hard
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I can’t tell how sick I am of men not even or slightly over 40 who are constantly whining about their supposedly old age. They are all prematurely grey and moaning nonstop. What’s wrong with those guys?

Next, I seem to be picking books lately with men who have lost their partner recently and have a hard time coping. While I get it in case of a partner who died (but even then I draw a line somewhere after years and years of mourning), I don’t get it when it was a simple break up. People break up all the time and find new parters sooner or later. I don’t really see why someone has to take a year long sabbatical because of his partner cheating and leaving him. This is all the more surprising as Robert is hoping for a tenured position; I would imagine a sabbatical for such a ridiculous reason is not considered a point in his favour.

When Robert got drunk I was about to stop reading because I hate nothing more than drunk people. Had I been Matt this would have put me off for good. Robert almost fell off the chair at one point – is there anything less appealing? Also, you might be as obsessive-compulsive about your own things as you want, but undressing a stranger that you more or less just met before putting him into bed (he passed out from drinking) because you have a problem with street clothes in bed is taking your obsession too far.

All these little things added up for me so that I couldn’t connect with the MCs or feel any interest in their story. I finished the book but it left the feeling that I could have done easily without.

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