Just a bit wrong by Alessandra Hazard

Just a Bit Wrong (Straight Guys #4)Just a Bit Wrong by Alessandra Hazard
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I didn’t like Tristan in the previous book but he grew on me a little. Zach I didn’t care for at all; why Tristan fell for that unprofessional brute I don’t know. Tristan was surrounded by people who didn’t care about him at all, I felt sorry for him. Admittedly he was a snarky bastard who lashed out, but there are tons of romance heroes (mostly in m/f) like that, so he was nothing out of the ordinary.

Zach disliked him (I wouldn’t call it hate, in my opinion they just rubbed each other the wrong way), his brother thought he was a useless prick and, to top it all off, his assistant calls him a piece of shit and didn’t mind telling that to everyone who was willing to listen to her diatribes. I really hated that bitch. She had a good job which obviously paid handsomely and had nothing better to do than going on about how she needed the money and couldn’t quit (sure, there are NO other jobs out there), interfered nonstop and talked really badly about her employer. A true paragon of loyalty!

Favourite character: Donna. I totally admired her for her calm and composed attitude towards everything.

All in all I wasn’t too thrilled with this book. The very minor BDSM scenes were ok even for people who are not into that, but I didn’t really see how they contributed much to the story. Basically two people fought against their attraction and feelings all through the way to the end, yet still gave in every time and that’s just not my thing.

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