On a murder spree

OK, my binge reading of tacky romance is over for now and I am going into a new direction (for a while).

Apart from finishing my first book for the Romanian Writers Challenge, which I am going to put high on my priority list now, I am starting to read my way through the list of British Library Crime Classics. You can find a list here at Goodreads (not sure though whether it is complete).

I discovered “The Cornish Coast Murder” yesterday on Amazon and found it sounded great (plus, I love the cover, unfortunately the cover is irrelevant on an old Kindle). Two amateur sleuths (vicar and doctor – does it get any better than this), murder at a lonely house on top of the cliffs while a storm is brewing, a Cornish village with a Bobby who is probably riding around on a bike – isn’t it super? For some reason I find detective novels with vicars always very charming; one that I love and that comes to mind immediately is “The Nine Tailors” even though there, of course, the vicar is not the sleuth.

Anyway, British Library Crime Classics: There are a bunch of them available on Kindle Unlimited, so I will start with these.

Have you read any books from that list of classics? Which would you recommend? Do you have any favourites? 

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