No more wasted time by Beverly Preston

No More Wasted Time (The Mathews Family, #1)No More Wasted Time by Beverly Preston
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

No angst, no drama, no conflict, if that’s your kind of thing, you’ll be happy. The only minor problem arose because the woman is a complete idiot who doesn’t trust her instincts but automatically assumes the worst without letting the poor guy even finish one sentence to explain (even though he did NOTHING wrong). A pet peeve of mine, so I was not impressed.

Also you have to overlook the following: that the woman is in her mid forties, had three kids, but looks like and has the body of a sex goddess. That the hotel staff of a top class resort is the most unprofessional that I have every heard of. That the guy has never even snorkeled before and then dives down 12 feet to see some manta rays. Sure.

Now to a couple more details that most people won’t care about…

The girls discussed Greece with Tom. He told them about a great little café they should try , an art gallery to stop at, and several other places they might like to see.

Wait a minute! Someone goes on a cruise around the Greek islands (I assume that is where they were going, there was not one specific location mentioned throughout the whole book, except the Aegean Sea, Tuscany and Bora Bora) and gets a recommendation for this café and that art gallery? Of course, just go to Greece through the entrance gate, follow the main road and turn left once. There you will see the café to check out. Greece is not some one horse town, it’s a friggin’ country!

“So, where are you flying today for your film?”
“Right outside of Germany. It’s a war movie, not the typical type of film I do.”

And where exactly would that be? Poland, Austria, Belgium? To name just a few of the places that are “just outside of Germany”. WTF? Can you be a little more specific? Not that it matters one way or the other where the bloody movie is being made, but to call any country “just outside of Germany” just shows a lack of respect (and/or lack of research, even though to have to do any kind of research in order to get European geography rudimentally right is already sad in itself).

Those guys hopped around Europe as if it was the second best place on Earth (the best would be Bora Bora) and couldn’t even be bothered with naming one specific location. At one point they are at a restaurant “in Greece” filled with “old-world” ambiance. Described as follows: “crisp white table clothes [sic] with blue napkins dressed the tables and pictures of Greece hung on white textured walls”. Totally old-world ambiance, right?

Sorry that I am harping on about these details but that sort of stuff sets me off, and not in a good way.

I’m not saying this was a bad read. It was entertaining in a very unproblematic, angst-free way. If there was more attention to the little things I’d have liked it more, though.

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