Monster in his eyes by J.M. Darhower

Monster in His Eyes (Monster in His Eyes, #1)Monster in His Eyes by J.M. Darhower
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What on Earth does Naz find in Karissa? She is as stupid as they come and her abilities to hold up a conversation about anything worth talking about equal zero. She is 18, for Christ’s sake and the guy is 36 and has seen it all. At one point he even says to her he doesn’t want girls, he wants to be with a woman. So what is he doing with Karissa?

The sex, seemingly shit hot, is described in such a lacklustre way it borders on boring. Apart from the fact there is nothing sensual about it – even though I recognize a certain potential, but it is never fully carried out – the kinks are quite a bit over the top considering the girl is so young. If I was asphyxiated without expecting or desiring it I’d be severely distressed (to put it mildly). There is no foreplay to speak of, unless you count him getting on top of her (or vice versa) as sufficient stimulation. The guy just enters her and starts pounding – and this is described as being with a real man, instead of a boy, wow! Not to mention the fact that they use no condoms from the word go and the contraceptive device they use (before she tells him she is on the pill) is coitus interruptus.

If a girl gets her sexual education from this book she is doomed.

Super unrealistic plot (I don’t mind), the heroine is TSTL (I hate), the hero just my type (just add some sexual enlightenment, even though I admit he is perfect for the heroine). I am divided. I found it strangely unputdownable, still shook my head about myself.

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