Facts about me



These are facts that I’m collecting here based on the few memes that I’m playing. Just random stuff that is me. Adding to it whenever I feel like it.

  • I like coffee, but am not too fussed on Starbucks
  • I never have plans for dinner until it’s almost dinner time. Then I get frantic and prepare chips. I’m not kidding.
  • I can’t draw.
  • I love haiku.
  • I like Sookie Stackhouse, but I hated True Blood
  • I’m a non-smoker
  • I scrapbook digitally
  • I love my Photoshop
  • My job is aggravating, but then “If you have a job without any aggravations, you don’t have a job.” (Malcolm S. Forbes). At the same time it’s pretty cool
  • I don’t like books with animals (wild or pets)
  • And I don’t like films with animals either (wild or pets)
  • My favourite places for vacation: Lake Garda in Italy, England and the US
  • I don’t like slapstick, mimes and clowns. They are not funny.
  • I think palindromes are fun
  • I use dog-ears for bookmarks
  • I’m a song binger
  • I can be anal retentive
  • I don’t like household chores
  • My favourite candy bar is Baby Ruth
  • I don’t like gory movies
  • My favourite ice cream is Mozart
  • I hate black licorice
  • I don’t watch TV
  • Autumn is my favourite season
  • I’m a procrastinator
  • My zodiac sign is cancer
  • I don’t go to church every Sunday. In fact I don’t go to church at all.
  • I love The Smiths
  • I like reading challenges, but hardly ever finish them
  • I don’t play Sudoku
  • I don’t know how to shoot a gun
  • I like Lord Peter Wimsey
  • I love beading

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  1. Do you ever read anything you like? Or are you one of these frustrated reviewers who can’t get published?

    Or are you published and I’ve just never heard of you?

    You’re pretty cruel and dismissive. And quit giving spoilers.



  2. I think you are fun and nice person. Although I don’t agree with you on many things, I like your individuality and would like to thank you for sharing pieces of your personality so eloquently.

    Best regards,


  3. Hi Rikki! 🙂
    I just clicked over to your blog for the first time to check out your Steampunk Challenge for 2011 (I came from Beth Fish Reads blog at which she links your challenge), and wanted to let you know that I poked around at some of your posts and really like your blog and your “voice”. You’ve got an eclectic interest in reading genres– some that I share and some that I honestly don’t know so much about. For both those reasons, I plan on visiting regularly to compare notes and learn something new, too!

    All the best! 🙂


    • Hi Christine, yes, I suppose my taste in books is quite eclectic. Thanks for stopping over and having a look around. Your comment made my day. I don’t think I know your blog yet, but I will definitely come over and check it out, too.


      • You’re welcome. So glad I made your day. 🙂
        I failed to mention in my first comment how much I really like your header graphic. Since I read that you enjoy digital scrapbooking, I am guessing you created the art yourself. It’s unique and eye-catching.


        • Thanks, Christine. Yes, I put the header together myself from various images. On my credits page I always list what and whose images I used, so they are not all mine. But I have to admit that I am in love with this header myself. Don’t think I will switch to another one any time soon, :).


    • Linda, really, you agree on Sookie Stackhouse and True Blood? I posted a whole article about what was awful about the series, you might appreciate it, :).


  4. I actually want to comment on your name. My real name is Erika, but my parents called me Rikki since I was born. I’ve met very few other women called Rikki. Is it short for something


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