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Weekend cooking: iPhone edition

OK, until very recently I have been anti-Apple. I admit it. Then my Android phone turned out to be total crap and useless. So I needed a new phone and had a choice between some Symbiant thing and an iPhone (Android being out of the question for good).

I grudgingly ordered an iPhone and have become an Apple convert since. Enough said!

This is my weekend cooking iPhone edition with fun and/or useful foodie apps.

  • Coffee counter app for iPhone. Totally cute and useful for the coffee addict.
  • Evernote food app to keep track of what you eat, where and everything else you might ever want to remember about any given meal. If you are an Evernote user and a food lover this is great for you.
  • Sense Cooking, a cooking simulation game where you have to cut ingredients into halves, spread oil in a pan evenly, guess amounts of water etc. It is supposed to train your sensory motoric skills and sounds like fun.
  • Foodmeter tells you how healthy a certain type of food is, complete with nutritional facts.
  • Easy temperature converter for your recipes with foreign temperatures
  • Learn how to make Sushi with the Sushi Cook

Have you got or do you know of any cute, neat, practical iPhone apps that are food related? Link us up, please!



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Android wallpaper "Spring”


I felt like something spring on my phone, so I used a few elements and a paper by Nina from simply me to make this very simple wallpaper for Android. The size is 640 x 480px , to download, please go to the file at mobile9.

Additional credits: Foliage brush by Jason Gaylor, designfruit.


To give you an idea, you can see what the wallpaper might look like in real life, depending on your phone model and homescreen.…



New SE theme: Another Place

“Another Place“ is a piece of art with 100 sculptures by artist Antony Gormley, which is situated at Crosby Beach, England, at the moment. It looks as if it might stay there for good. An absolutely lovely place. I’ve had those photos on my HD for a couple of years and wanted to do something with them, but never knew what. Now I turned them into a phone theme, which is available at

Another Place theme

For more previews and the free download, please go here at


iSCRAP Halloween edition

Halloween edition

The new Halloween edition of quickpages for the iPhone and iTouch is available in the iTunes shop now.

Show your favourite treasured moments off with style. Once photographs are put into the templates they can be shown one at a time or as part of a slideshow. Make a wallpaper of the combined image and set it on your iPod or iPhone.

Get more information on John’s website John E. Donovan Mobile Solutions or go to iTunes.