Bloggiesta is over and suddenly I feel I need to change my blog. Figures! Three weeks ago I said I was totally happy with the looks, but now I am not any more.

So you liked her? Now you don’t like her?

It’s early. You can change your mind one
more time before dinner.

I will be off tomorrow, so I will have some time to fiddle about with everything. If you see something strange going on, twice the same widget here and there etc., that’s just me…



I am melting away today, so I went in search for some haiku to confirm I am not the only one suffering from the heat – and I am not…

I’m melting, melting
Wicked Weather of the West
Quick! A mountain breeze!

~Marcia Hook via Denverpost


My car is a kiln
I use oven mitts to steer
Arriving red-faced.

~Tracy Wohlgenant via Denverpost


Sunny, hot, humid,
We all have been reduced to
A puddle of goo.

~via Les bonnes idées mag


Steampunk haiku contest winner

Thanks everybody who entered the steampunk haiku contest. Voting for your favourite steampunk haiku is over and we have a winner.

It is Giada M. with


To see all entries, please go to the entries page.

Congrats, Giada! I will contact you by email to get your shipping address and to find out your choice of steampunk book from The Book Depository.

Many thanks again to Kristi from Northwyke Creations and to Fox Chapel Publishing who generously sponsored the contest with a beautiful Steampunk lapel pin from her Etsy shop and a copy of Art Donovan’s “The art of Steampunk”.