Awesome’s Magic Bundles

I am sure you know Awesome’s Magic Bundles. They consist of three books of one genre or by one author and cost only very little.

However, it would be even better if there were no duplicates in bundles. I understand that they are put together randomly and that they probably go by ISBN numbers or something but couldn’t they make sure somehow that they don’t throw two books with the same title into one bundle?

C.S. Lewis bundle

This spoils the fun of browsing quite a bit. But nevertheless they are worth a look! If you don’t care for particular editions and don’t mind used books the bundles are a great deal.



Awesome’s Magic Bundles


Awesome Books are having a magic bundle sale at the moment. This sounds like an “awesome” deal, the used three-book-bundles are 4.99£ including postage to the UK, Europe and North America, so you can’t go wrong here. The bundles are pre-packed and either sorted by category or author. So, let’s have a closer look at some of them:

The Reference category bundles not-to-be-missed books like

  • “Angelina Ballerina’s Christmas Crafts”, “Angler’s Mail, A-Z Encyclopedia of Fishing in the British Isles” and “Antiques Roadshow, A-Z of Antiques Hunting”


  • "Daily Mail" Guide to Employment Law 1993, "Daily Mail" Tax Guide 2004/2005 and "Daily Telegraph" Book of Motoring Answers 2000-2001

Who would want to give those a pass?

The Health, Family and Lifestyle category offers among others the following bundle:

  • "Cosmopolitan’s" A-Z of Sex: Satisfaction from Aaaah! to Zzzz (is that humourous or what?), "Cosmopolitan": Love Letters – How to Analyse Your Lover’s Handwriting and (for people who want to clean up properly after getting dirty) the "Daily Mail" Book of Household Hints and Tips.

Neat, indeed!

They also have an extensive author’s list to choose from. Even if my eclectic choice from above sounds like the wrong thing to you, check the sales out! You might get lucky!


McCafe &

McCafe von McDonalds kooperiert momentan mit und bietet Gutscheine an für kostenlose Hörbücher. Offenbar bekommt jeder McCafe Kunde ein Kärtchen mit einem Gutscheincode, mit dem man auf einer speziellen Seite von unter drei verschiedenen Hörbüchern auswählen kann.

Die drei Titel sind:

  • “Eisfiber” von Ken Follett
  • “Der Nobelpreis” von Andreas Eschbach
  • “Lügen, die von Herzen kommen” von Kerstin Gier

Die Aktion läuft bis 31.12.2010.


Used Sony Reader at Thalia

For people living in Germany this might be an interesting offer. Thalia, the shop who introduced the Sony Reader in Germany some time ago, will sell a limited number of used Sony Readers for 179,99€. The readers were used to train Thalia employees and have been tested and reset and come with the usual warranty. The price for a new one is 249,00€, so the offer is not too bad.

Sales will start on Oct. 04 and will last until supplies run out. Go here for more info on the Sony Reader sale at Thalia.


Harlequin celebrates

Harlequin is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a number of free e-books. I’m no Harlequin reader, so I wasn’t sure whether I can blog about this and recommend it with a clear conscience. I downloaded one of the books and am reading it right now. It is quite an enjoyable read. It belongs to the "Home and Family" category, so I didn’t expect (and was right about it) hot love scenes or dirty talk. Nice change, that… Especially for people who liked "Lost Warriors" and /or cabin romance "Snowbound" might be interesting. The hero is an Iraq veteran suffering from PTSD.

Some of the books offered for free make me wonder what sort of people come up with titles like "Baby Bonanza", "The bride’s baby" or "A very special delivery". Probably that is because I hate romance with babies in it, though. Anyway, Harlequin celebrates offers something for everybody. Go, check it out!