The horse and his boy

Rikki's TeleidoscopeThe horse and his boy

This the page for “The horse and his boy” where we can either link people up to our blog posts about this book or start a discussion in the comments.

To get us started here are some questions from the Reading Group Guide at Harper Collins:

  • At first glance, Bree and Hwin fit into very conservative gender roles. Which of their actions demonstrate a break from these behaviors? How does each of them demonstrate their goodness? What flaws does each possess?
  • With a reliance on material goods Lasaraleen provides a sharp contrast to Aravis. What are some of Lasaraleen’s admirable qualities? Do you think Aravis and Susan should be considered strong female role
    models? Why or why not?
  • Shasta undergoes a metamorphosis of character and identity. How do various factors or characters cause
    or help him to change? What truths about human nature are revealed in the process? What is Aslan’s role?
  • Loyalty, tolerance, idealism, materialism, and parental roles all play roles in this book. Are these subjects always treated favorably? Do you agree with these treatments?

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