The silver chair

Rikki's TeleidoscopeThe silver chair

This the page for “The silver chair” where we can either link people up to our blog posts about this book or start a discussion in the comments.

To get us started here are some questions from the Reading Group Guide at Harper Collins:

  • Much of the novel is spent in bleaker lands than Narnia. Other than physical characteristics, what are some differences? Are any of the inhabitants at all similar to Narnians?
  • How do Puddleglum’s actions contrast with his attitudes? Does he do anything surprising? Can he be characterized as a hero? Can Jill or Eustace, given their behavior?
  • Jill and Eustace are misled by the appearance of the Queen of Underland and the festival at Harfang.
    At what other times are they deceived by appearance’s?

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