The voyage of the Dawn Treader

Rikki's TeleidoscopeThe voyage of the Dawn Treader

This the page for “The voyage of the Dawn Treader” where we can either link people up to our blog posts about this book or start a discussion in the comments.

To get us started here are some questions from the Reading Group Guide at Harper Collins:

  • Eustace’s character changes drastically, though not completely. What vestiges of his old self remain, and what new qualities emerge?
  • Each of the islands seems to contain some negative aspect. How do the portrayals of the islands illustrate which qualities should be most eschewed? Are any of the islands’ qualities portrayed favorably?
  • Though Reepicheep is a comical character, he is also brave. How is his bravery characterized? How does he differ from other characters?
  • What kind of king is Caspian? What does his willingness to stay behind at the End of the World say about his leadership? Contrast Caspian’s behavior with Lord Drinian’s.

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