Steampunk challenge participants


Right, I think we are ready. In order to see who is participating and to find each other’s blogs I put a list of participants together. I entered everybody who more or less explicitly (or implicitly) said that they want to join. Please, if I have forgotten someone, holler!

For specific reviews go to the reviews page.

  1. Carin B. from A little Bookish
  2. Judith from Leeswammes Blog
  3. Megan from Poseysessions
  4. Erotic Horizon
  5. Lahni from Nose in a book
  6. Anna Marie from Anna Marie’s corner
  7. Lisa from Star metal oak book blog
  8. Julie G. from Book hooked blog 
  9. MisterG, misterg on Goodreads
  10. Sonieee from Welcome to Sonieland
  11. Rashda Khan from Texas Typos
  12. Heather from Buried in books
  13. David from From my bookshelf
  14. Nicole from One girl collecting
  15. Jean from Boggy Bayou
  16. Mamalayne from This Academic Life
  17. Pooks from Planet Pooks
  18. Liz Mourant (sorry, the link you provided did not work)
  19. Angelique from Vampires and Tofu
  20. medusa from Books N Stuff
  21. Aleksandra from Aleksandra’s corner
  22. Debbie from Debbie’s Book Bag
  23. Maria from o_apostrophe
  24. Julie from Knitting and sundries
  25. Gavin from page247
  26. Beverly from The Wormhole
  27. Michael from So you love to read
  28. Sarah from writer, reader, dreamer
  29. Ariel from An exploration of love who is actually WRITING a steampunk story at the moment. Get updates on her progress on her LJ.
  30. Jan from Eating ya books
  31. James from Life for the < exceptional
  32. Jack from The Aetheric Teleopticator
  33. Meg, Caity & Laurie from Reader Girls
  34. Bella from A girl reads a book
  35. Marcie from To read or not to read
  36. David Prussner (no URL)
  37. June from Desmodus
  38. Dana from Much Madness is Divinest Sense 
  39. Birdie from Birdie’s Nest 
  40. Audelia from Trial by Steam 
  41. Maggie from Grumpy rumblings of the untenured 
  42. curlygeek04 from The Book Stop 
  43. Ashley from Conceptual Criticism 
  44. Lisa from BookChick’s Book Blog
  45. Nicole from Word for Teens 
  46. Christina from Christina reads 
  47. AngelVixen from Why walk when you can fly
  48. RxFae (sorry, no URL given) 
  49. Sarah from Miss Page-Turner’s City of Books
  50. Gamila from Gamila’s Book Review 
  51. LibraryKatz (LibraryKatz on Goodreads)
  52. MJ from MJ’s literary Odyssey
  53. Sarah (no URL so far) 
  54. Michelle from A baby illustrator
  55. Sara (no URL so far) 
  56. Ian Wolf @ianwolf at twitter
  57. Narissa from Barbarian Cooks
  58. Mely (no URL yet) 
  59. Alex from The Sleepless Reader
  60. Ziza (no URL) 
  61. Kristin (no URL)
  62. December from Prolepsis
  63. Mad Scientist from Steampunkery & Book Reviews 
  64. Christine from Danse Desirable 
  65. Shellie from Layers of Thought 
  66. Jen from Magic Faerie’s Paranormal Review 
  67. Xindiline from Loneguppy’s Showcase 
  68. Charlie from Bitsy Bling’s Book Review 
  69. BethF from Beth Fish reads 
  70. Dusky Literati 
  71. Jupiter from Crazy dumbsaint of the mind 
  72. Darren from Bart’s Bookshelf 
  73. BlackEyedDog from Semicrazed 
  74. Shannon from Books Devoured 
  75. Christine from The happily ever after… 
  76. Trisha from eclectic / eccentric 
  77. Orhedea from Bergamot Book Diary 
  78. Emily from The Alcove 
  79. Poodlerat 
  80. Tiina from A book blog of one’s own 
  81. Joanna from It’s all about me (time) 
  82. Bookgirl from My Book Addiction 
  83. Amanda from Gossamer and Lichen 
  84. Laura from Library of Clean Reads 
  85. Teresa from Read all over  
  86. Alison from Fresh Pot of Tea 
  87. Sarah from Garlic and Sapphires
  88. and, yeah, me

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    • Hi Sarah, welcome to the challenge! There is no requied number of books. Everybody reads as many or as few as they like.


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