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The Steampunk Flash Fiction Writing Contest has three winners. Please go here to find out who won. 

Are you looking for a challenge other than reading steampunk? We have the right
thing for you. Kristi from Northwyke Creations and I are hosting a Steampunk Flash
Fiction Writing Contest. Win a unique piece of awesome steampunk jewellery or
steampunk book of your choice!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for Steampunk Flash Fiction of up to 500 words. We will give you five first sentences to start your story with. Choose one of the five and off you go.

A comment made by Jeff made me realize I had never addressed the topic of copyright. Every entrant will retain all rights to their sumbissions. 

What is the timeline?

Contest starts now and entries will be accepted until Nov. 28, 2010.

Voting will start on Nov. 29, 2010 and will last until Dec. 05, 2010.

Winners will be announced and notified by email on Dec. 6th, 2010.

Winners will choose their prize by Dec. 11, 2010 so it can be shipped in time for Christmas.

Who will be the judges?

The judges will be your peers. We will set up a poll where everybody can vote on their three favourite stories.

How many winners will there be?

There will be three winners. The story with the most votes and two runners up.

What will be the prizes?

We will have six prizes to choose from. The winner can choose the prize of his/her choice, then the 1st runner up can choose, then the 2nd.

Kristi, who creates wonderful Steampunk jewellery and sells it in her Etsy store will donate four pieces of jewellery and I will throw in two Steampunk books of your choice for up to $10 from the Book Depository (provided Book Depository delivers to your country). The winners can choose either a piece of jewellery or one book. Kristi has provided a few pictures and some more of the jewellery so you get an idea. Please, also check out her shop to see what she can do.

The five first sentences…

  • He wasn’t sure the valve would fit.
  • He cranked up analytical engine no. 2, it was hard work…
  • She pumped the steam rifle.
  • Straightening his spectacles, the man in the derby hat cleared his throat.
  • No airship could fly faster than the Zenith…

Use one of these sentences to start your story. Where you go from there is totally up to you as long as it conveys a steampunk atmosphere.

Deadline for submissions

Please submit your story (no more than 500 words) by Nov. 28, 2010 by email and use “steampunk flash fiction contest” as subject.

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  1. Not sure I’ll participate because it’s flash fiction and, hello, this is me we’re talking about, but I’ll definitely cheer everyone on. And I finished my steampunk novel last week! It should be out early next year. 🙂


    • Hi Ariel, it would be fun, if you did, though.
      I am looking forward to reading your novel. I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting read.


    • Leah, are you kidding? Of course I don’t mind :). You already sent lots of people my way with your post about the challenge. You are being very helpful. I appreciate it. Thank you!


  2. Wow, this is pretty damn cool 🙂 I like it a lot! I think I’ll give it a try <3


  3. I’m interested in giving it a try, but what about format, file type, etc? Any particular submission requirements there?


    • Hi Ray,

      as long as it is a document where I can copy the text to put it on an html page, I’m fine. So far people just send text files from Word or Wordpad. Just use any word processing software you’ve got. I am easy, :).


  4. I’m in the process of *making* some lovely things for this Contest, so stay tuned! I promise there will be much to choose from for both males and females, so don’t let that prevent you from entering!
    I’m really excited about seeing some of the entries. Good luck to everyone!


  5. I just found this page through a link. I was wondering is the contest open to anyone? And if so do we absolutely have to begin the story with one of those sentences or can we start with our own?


    • Hi Danny, yes and yes.

      The contest is open to anyone and you have to use one of the five sentences to start your story.


  6. Hi, Ms. Donovan,

    Thank you for hosting this contest. It has inspired me to write a piece that I would very much like to enter, but before I do so, I must ask: what about copyright? I assume that your intention is for entrants to retain all rights to their own creative work, but it hasn’t been explicitly stated. Have I assumed correctly?

    If so, I shall submit my entry forthwith. I anxiously await your reply, and remain,

    Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant,


    • My dear Jeff,

      I have to thank you for your earnest communiqué in which you address a point which had not been taken care of previously. So wonderfully do good intentions become confounded with bad executions that I must apologise wholeheartedly.

      Naturally all the copyright is retained by the original entrant of a submission. I will amend the introduction to the contest accordingly. I shall never cease to regret that I failed to clarify this important matter earlier.

      Yours very faithfully and obliged



  7. Could you send me your email address where to submit flash fiction piece? I cannot access the auto email ‘thingy’ on your site. Thanks.


  8. Would you have any problems copying and pasting into HTML from a PDF file submission?


  9. Well, I just submitted my entry. Seeing as how I just found out about the contest yesterday I think it came out pretty good. Hopefully others like it as well. Still regardless of what anyone thinks I really enjoyed the challenge (who would have thought that writing 500 words could be so hard).

    Best of luck to everyone who entered,


    • Hey Mark, don’t get impatient. I’m in the process of uploading all the pages right now and working like a slave here, :).


      • Oh, no rush. I didn’t intend to exhibit impatience. Apologies if that’s the way it came across. Just a bit of a “starter pistol” to the event now that the deadline has passed. I am quite excited to read all of the submissions. Thank you again for the slave labor! Great event.


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