Steampunk Flash Fiction entries

Thanks to everybody who entered the contest. Here are all the entries for the Steampunk Flash Fiction Contest. 

Edit: I have removed the links to the stories now. You can still see who entered and what the story was called, but you are not able to read it any longer.  


  1. Nate B (submission 1)
  2. Nate B (submission 2)
  3. Temporary Fix by Bacchus
  4. Ahem by Derek Barnes 
  5. A Brief History of the Discipline of Thaumatology by Jeff Berndt
  6. Das Luftschiff Zenith by Aaron Brant
  7. Sarah Creighton 
  8. Pursuit by Tucker Cummings
  9. Synaesthesia by Paul Cyr
  10. Open Combinatorics by John Devison
  11. For King and Country by Michael Donoghue 
  12. Of Deserts and Dirigibles by Warren Draper 
  13. A Gear by Nicholas Dyroff
  14. Stand at Anglesey by Chris English
  15. Dead Man Walking by Tim Ford
  16. Charley Foster
  17. Horizon by Claire Gillian
  18. A Gentleman’s Doll by Ray Gregory 
  19. of metal and glass by Cornelia Grey
  20. On the way down by J. S. Greyshade
  21. Michael Helsem 
  22. Spark of Life by Greg Jiang 
  23. The Lens that saw through Worlds by Ben Knox
  24. Patchwork Repair by Cindy Kong
  25. The man in the derby hat by Michelle Krasny
  26. Jason L. 
  27. Time after Time by Commodore Ichabod MacIntosh
  28. Eldritch and Malady: The Fix by John Mitchell
  29. Eldritch and Malady: The Meeting by John Mitchell
  30. Nocturnal Pressure. by Mark Mitchell
  31. Juan Navarro (submission 1)
  32. Juan Navarro (submission 2)
  33. Chris Pantazis 
  34. Bloody Vengeance by A. M. Paulson
  35. Resolution by Steve Pelletier
  36. A nasty piece of work by Bambi-Joy Robinson
  37. Time for Change by Danny Ruiz
  38. H.P. Lovecraft by B.R. Schierer 
  39. The Escape by B. E. Trautman
  40. Horatio de Vere
  41. Allen Versyn
  42. The Memory of Horses by Liz Warren
  43. Kali Yuga by David Wiggin  


Not Enough by Michael Donoghue
This story is a sort of bonus read. Michael had already submitted one story (For King and Country) and then came up with the idea to write another one that contains all five first sentences – in the given order. It is too long to be eligible for the contest, but I so liked the idea that I suggested to him to post it anyway as an additional free read. You cannot vote for this story, but I hope you will enjoy it nevertheless.


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  1. I wish to thank you once again for putting this contest together.

    I am curious about the voting process.

    Are the voting rules:
    1) Only those who contributed can vote.
    2) One does not vote for one’s own contribution. ( My own assumption )

    I have read through most of the entries and I am very pleased with the entries I’ve read so far. Wow, I love the diversity of concepts, writing styles and imagination of the stories I’ve read so far.

    Congratulations to everyone who have entered. Whether you are a first time writer or an old hack ( forgive the hack reference please ) I’ve been entertained by each and every entry I’ve read so far.

    Anonymous contributor


  2. Thanks, I really am enjoying the contest and was pretty overwhelmed by the response I got.

    As for the questions.
    Not only contributors can vote, but everybody can. I can’t really control who is voting and what for, so I’m afraid I have to rely on people not to vote for themselves.


  3. I’ve started to read some of the entries (but may not get through them all) and I’m impressed by some of them (and still entertained by the others).

    My question: when do we have to vote by? If I want to read a good many of them, I need several days.


  4. What, we can’t vote for ourselves? Like what century is this? Anybody seen Lancelot about lately?

    Okay. So what about all our friends and relatives then? They can vote for whomever they “like,” right? — if only I had a few friends, and some relatives who still speak to me.

    You know what woulda made this contest really fun? If there were comments allowed under each story. Man alive, I’d love to rip into a few of them. But then how many times could I scream “too figgin’ many adjectives” before they caught me and sent me back for more “calming”?


    • Pixwit, of course family and friends can vote for you. Now you see that there are some advantages to stay on good terms with relatives after all.

      I agree, this certainly would have given this contest a nice touch (maybe not though), but I never even thought of that. I’ll keep your idea in mind for next time.


      • Doesn’t seem at all fair to get friends and family to vote… then it’s hardly about the best possible story but rather about who goes out and hustles the most votes… which has nothing to do with what was written. If I ask friends and family to vote for me, they’ll do so without ever reading any of the other stories… bit of a hollow victory. Should have kept the polling restricted to the group of authors or impartial judges, for it to be at all meaningful. That said, I’ve read thirty-five of the stories so far and am having a blast doing so. Should finish up reading the rest tonight. Good job all!


        • Mark, I can’t see any way to prevent people from asking friends to vote for them. I think this is something that happens with every contest where people vote anonymously. I can’t control who is voting and whether people only go and enter a number or whether they have read all stories.
          So, to say that friends cannot vote for you would be asking something that cannot be controlled or checked in any way.
          I can’t restrict the poll to people who entered the contest either. Sorry you are unhappy with the voting procedure.


          • Not unhappy at all Rikki. Actually, quite grateful for the contest. I was just thinking out loud in response to pixwit’s comment and the judging criteria that you had posted: “The judges will be your peers. We will set up a poll where everybody can vote on their three favourite stories.” I just took that to mean the other authors. My mistake. Sorry.

    • I completely agree. A comment section for each story might have been nice. It would help any of the authors improve upon their work and learn what people want to read vs what they think people might want to read. All in all, though, I thought the contest was very well done and I am very appreciative to Rikki for the time put into it.


  5. Mark, I understand. With peers we actually meant not only the people entering the contest but steampunk writers AND readers, the steampunk community in general. Maybe I will have to state that more clearly in the future.

    This is the first contest I organized and the road has been a bit bumpy, but I have learned quite a bit from it. So I hope that next time, if there is a next time, I will be better prepared for all eventualities.


  6. I thought it was a brilliant idea to make the voting open to anyone: friends, family, strangers on the street, aliens, etc. It encourages more people to read through the genre and appreciate the settings and characters that were crafted. If voting was limited to merely the authors or a select group of steampunk afficiandos then all that has been gained is that the same people who already are exposed to the culture pass judgement on someone’s writing. As long as it stays open, more and more people will be introduced to the Steamtopian ideal, furthering the genre, leading to more Steampunk publications for the rest of us to enjoy.

    Personally, I’m here because a friend of mine told me to read through the stories and vote. I loved them. After reading them, I looked into the genre more and realized it is a small but growing group. I’m going to go back and read through some Jules Verne. I was able to find the Steampunk Challenge, giving me an enormous number of books to put on my Christmas List that I otherwise would have missed out on. Making this open has won at least one new fan for the genre.

    But that’s just my two cents.


    • Jason, thanks for your thoughts. You are right. Hopefully the contest inspired a few more people to read steampunk. I’m glad you find the steampunk challenge useful as well.


  7. Wonderful reads, one and all! I’m relatively new to steampunk, and this contest has given me a delightful overview, as well as being thoroughly entertaining. I’m looking forward to more!


    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading the entries. We might organize another contest in the future.


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