Steampunk haiku contest entries

Here are all the entries for the steampunk haiku contest. Please choose your favourite and vote for it below. Voting lasts until Nov. 07. Please check back the following day to find out who is the winner.


Monotonous Din Whirs and Clacks fill the ether Machines lurch onward


Hot fog on my face Grind, twist, squeal with motion God's invention breathes


Brass and copper gleam Man reaches for the future And breaks History


Cloudships in the breeze leather gloves hold the brass wheel my invention soars


Brass and goggles shine tophats and parasols drift above corset reefs


Reimagine all save for the gentility farewell static past


The power of steam all elegance and metal bent to better wills


My dirigible is going down in flames. Curse that automaton!


Gas lamps and starlight Contrast city lights below. Steam warms the deck.


You left me in tears - The gears of my clockwork heart Even broken, turn.

11 In between the stars Our ship creates it's own clouds Technology's mark.


Anacronistic Composing bygone futures Timeless aether calls


Imagined voyage Do airships have parachutes? Up, up, and away


Clock-Work-Cuckoo-Clown Steam-Cyber-Space-Ship-Circus Err-And-Iron-Punk


The dark howls at night Unnatural things lurking here Steam powered horrors

16 Wind chills to the bone Add more coal to the engine Steam wafts, warms the air

17 Clockwork golem lurches Thump, grind, thump, grind, here it comes I love what I do

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  1. My favorite one is 10, simply because it remided me of a fantastic book, La mécanique du cœur (English version: The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart) which is a read no one could forget 🙂


    • Of course, I have never heard of it, Ally, but I will have a look for it.
      Don’t forget to vote for the haiku if you haven’t done so yet.


  2. My favorite is number 14! I just love how it sounds. Definitely quirky and fanciful! 🙂


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