Header and images for week on the web, in a nutshell, in my mailbox, crafty Tuesday and reading list: 

Graphics from Fonts: Digs my heart and CACOneSeventy

Dividers and winner graphic from


Older stuff which is still shown on older pages:  

Giveaway image:

Book image by algiamil at, ribbon: tutegate, font: Splendid66 

German(y) for the bookish traveller image:

Blackboard image by gfordham from Stock Exchange, Fonts: Viper Nora & Vaguely repulsive  

What I like image:

Lavender image by adrahon from Stock Exchange, font: brown bear funk 

Steampunk challenge image:

Images all from flick’r,  by ToNToN CoPT, Annadriel, Curious Expeditions and ludwig van standard lamp. Font: Cleaver’s Juvenia  

Blogfest 2010 image:

Fireworks image by aila, book image by CathyK from Stock Exchange, font: Pastelaria 

Quizzical Monday image:

Maze image by mzacha on Stock Exchange, red ribbon: tutegate, font: Splendid66 

Thursday Thirteen image:

Image by bradbennie at Stock Exchange, ribbon: tutegate, brushes: Jason Gaylor, font: Splendid66   

Narnia header:

Map: wikipedia, book image:, fonts: Chancery Cursive, Splendid666  

Movie tip image:

Film brush: Damned in Black  

24 days of Christmas image:

Fonts: Bleeding Cowboys, Splendid666  

Blogoversary graphics:

Banner elements: Tracy Ann Robinson. Fonts: Splendid 66, Georgia

Confetti template: Karen Funk 

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