Bag insert No. 3

There are just too many good quotes out there…

I should be actually having those inserts printed so I can show you what the bag looks like. So far all I do is show scrapbook pages…:)


Credits: Papers and elements: Jen Wilson, lace border: Emily Farnworth, Stitch circle brush: Jason Gaylor, Font: Arsis, Arial, Exmouth, Quote by Robert Frost


Bag insert No. 2

I really am into those bag inserts now. If I continue at this pace I will soon have an insert for every color of the rainbow. That quote I just couldn’t resist…:)

Edit: Jesus, I just noticed the spelling error! Someone should have said something! Well, it can be easily corrected and I haven’t had it printed yet.  

Credits: Papers and elements: Jen Wilson (Mud Room), Fonts: Courier New, Excellentia in excelsis, Quote by Ashleigh Brilliant


Bag inserts resurrected

A number of years ago those black purses were the rage among digital scrapbookers, unfortunately I cannot for the life of me remember the name of those purses. Anyway, at the front and back they have that clear plastic cover where you can insert photos etc. and then close the plastic with two buttons.

I haven’t used mine in ages and only recently discovered it again in a big wicker basket. So I thought it might be nice to resurrect it again and create some inserts for it with various color schemes and themes for different occasions.

I finished a couple this week:

The first one is this spring themed one


Credits: Fonts: Papers and elements: Jen Wilson (Linen Closet), stitching: Syrin, stain: DaniB, Shishoni Brush, Andalus. Quote by Margaret Atwood.