My custom-made pocket planner

I almost like planners of any kind more than bags – almost! As much as I try to stick to one Filofax and simply change the calendar part each year, I can’t. I NEED a new calendar for variety. Some time ago I found this site where you can design your own calendar either with templates they provide or with your own design for front and back. The inside you can fill with modules that you need, choose your favourite color etc. It’s great. This is my very personal self made pocket planner:

Front Back


Both cover images I had already made previously, the front is part of a much larger poster that is hanging in our hall (the quote is by Seneca), the back is a smaller one I made for a scrapbooking challenge a long time ago (you had to use wings which were the rage back then. Instead of putting them on a cute kid I decided to put them on Mata Hari).

Want your own custom-made calendar? Go to Mein Taschenkalender!


Collage junior style

My kids like crafting. So I booked my older son for a few craft workshops during the holidays to keep him occupied for a few hours.

One of them was a Deco patch class and I thought he’d come home with this enormous sculpture covered by patterned paper, instead he came home with a super cute collage. I love the little lizard with the various papers on him. And can you see the horizon lines?



Rock ‘n Rolla

In the third week of the class the topic was vignette composition. Actually I think a lot of scrapbookers use that sort of concept, just that they might not even know about it.

I started in a sort of half-assed way, not knowing what to do until I came across this clipped newspaper photo of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley when they met somewhere in Germany. I loved that photo with Bill Haley looking so cool with his cigarette (don’t bash me for saying that!). But by now it was so crumpled and torn that I didn’t want to keep it, but couldn’t throw it away either. So I took a photograph to use it digitally and keep it that way.

The title is self-explanatory. I am a huge Guy Ritchie fan, so it was an obvious choice.


Credits: Background: Christine Newman, grungy frame: Leora Sanford, photo frame: Andrea Rascaglia, all images are from flickr, except for the newspaper photo which I found in our local newspaper. The title is from the movie poster Rock N Rolla.


This way out

Claudine pointed us to the artwork of Elly MacKay. I absolutely love the collages she creates, especially the ones with ships. One of them in particular – it’s called “I’ll travel with you”  – made me want to do something with ships as well.

Of course, mine turned out completely different…


All items are from various digital kits that I created in the past.


The first clouds in the skies…

I made this as a second piece for the horizon composition practice as well as for another color challenge at Big Picture. We were supposed to start with a color scheme and then pick elements etc. I chose the lilac and green theme from the decor8 blog which suggested something grassy and flowery.

When I saw the happy couple amidst all those flowers I had to think of a line from the Threepenny Opera by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht. “Erste Wolken am Himmel des jungen Glücks” (First clouds in the skies of young happiness). And there they are already!


Credits: Papers: Leah Nicole, Jen Wilson, Flowers: Sara Carling, TADA, KatG, Eve Recinella, Melanie Violet, Luiza Garay, Julia Makotinsky, Gina Cabrera, Glitter heart and edge overlay: Nina, Floral overlay: Gypsy Chick, Clouds: Weeds and Wildflowers, Man&woman stamp: Laura Alpuche


Something kite

The second week of Claudine’s composition class has begun and we are focusing on a horizon composition. I am determined to make use of the images Claudine provided and this time I went for the boy, the house and the little tag. I started with the “kite” tag and looked around her images to see what would go with a kite. This is what I came up with. No idea what to call it. Normally I use some words on my pages, so for now I am calling it…

…Something kite


Credits: Papers: Jessica Bolton and Jen Wilson, kite shape from Stock Exchange, tree brush: Jason Gaylor


Color challenge at Big Picture Classes

I went to the Big Picture Blog yesterday and discovered they have a color challenge going right now. I haven’t done any challenges in a long time but figured I could give it a go and practice some collage as well while I’m there.

The only rule was to use soft blue as the background, that sounded easy enough. I had planned to use a certain haiku that I found at the Haiku Forge for a long time and this was a good opportunity. If you don’t know the haiku forge, you should definitely check it out. Great haiku to be found and great web design as well.

The image of the girl was so small that I could only create an ATC with it, everything else would have been too big for it. I was looking for a sleeping woman actually, but couldn’t find any cool vintage image of one. If you ever come across one, let me know, please!


Credits: Background: Oscraps collab, Lace: Amy Martin, Moon and stars: Jeannie Papai, Girl image: flickr by chicks57, Moon image: flickr by penguinbush, frame: Audrey Neal, Constellation brush and grunge overlay: Michelle Coleman, Stitching: Syrin


Bovine Jealousy

I am on a total roll. My collage class is such fun, I just can’t stop…:).

This is my third piece, I call it “Bovine Jealousy”.


Credits: Background: Dianne Rigdon, green paper and red button: Jen Wilson, red paper: Jackie Eckles, torn heart: Jessica Bolton, animal and farm images: flickr by jerseybarb85,  ribbon: Ronna Penner, Frayed edge: DaniB, RIP Cupid brush: Fly Guy, Stamp sheet: Meredith Fenwick


Composition for collage online class

I am totally excited. I signed up for the “Composition for collage” class at Big Picture Classes. This is an interesting subject to begin with, but the teacher is Claudine Hellmuth, and that just makes it even more fantastic. The participants come from all over the world and are so creative. It’s amazing!

If you don’t know Claudine’s collages, you have to check out her website! We have two pieces of custom art from her and we love them. If you are looking for the perfect artsy gift look no further. Claudine is very easy to work with and creates exactly what you were looking for.

The first week has started a few days ago and we already learned quite a bit. I create two collages and am really happy with them. Claudine provides lots of class material, but everybody can use their own stash as well.

These are the two collages I came up with so far:


Music in you


Vintage photograph and “It’s fun” tag provided by Claudine. Brushes: Blinding light. Background paper: Christine Newman. Line grid: Christine Borgfeld. Buttons: Jen Wilson. Font: Typenoksidi

Inappropriately dressed


Vintage photograph provided by Claudine. Papers: Jen Wilson. Brush: FlyGuy. Sun: Weeds & Wildflowers. Paper for cloud and paper strip: Nina. Edge: Catrine. Font: Typenoksidi


I have severe problems with my font manager and don’t want to install lots of fonts permanently, so I suppose I will use a lot of “Typenoksidi” in the next future, :).