It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex–Smithsonian Prehistoric Pals

trexVery short synopsis:

Short e-book for the iPhone or iPad about the T-Rex and its living environment.





I read/listened to it in: English

I liked it:    Yes, but more important, my son liked it even more. This is my first step in the world of iPhone books (I don’t read e-books on the phone) and I was surprised at the convenience and possibilities. The book is short – and just right for the attention span of children. You can either swipe to get to the next page/scene or have it play itself on auto, and you can either read yourself or have the book read to you. A tap on an animal shows or tells the name of it and a tap on a word in the text has the word read to you. It’s a lovely, entertaining e-book for kids and has great illustrations to boot.
There are more books in the series about other dinosaurs as well.

For kids who like: Dinosaurs, especially T-Rex, and want to know more about them.

Product info and buy link :

Title It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex
Publisher Oceanhouse Media
I got this book from Publisher’s Weekly with a coupon code. A review was not required.
Buy link Buy It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex on iTunes


What children’s books for iPhone do you know and recommend?


The prices of e-books

John found this article on the Guardian about the development of the prices of e-books and the possible impact on the customer. I have to admit I hardly ever buy e-books. I used to buy some romance books that were comparably inexpensive (their prices are around $5), but for at least a year or so I haven’t bought any e-books at all. I either get them for review or from the library. But I am shocked at the prices Mr. Gillmor mentions in his article. I would NEVER buy the same or even more for an e-book than for a physical book.

How much would you spend for an e-book? And, more important, would you pay the same or more than for paper? And if so, why?


The eBook Insider

Via the Dan Brown Newsletter (yeah, I know) I learned about the eBook Insider, “The ultimate readers’ resource” from the editors and authors of various publishing houses, like Doubleday, Anchor, Vintage and a few more.

I had never heard of that thing before, even though I get the newsletter regularly, so it might be new or I have just always missed it.

The new edition of that newsletter covers quite a few interesting topics: A roundup of the best books of the year, favourite books by authors like Norah Ephron, Chuck Palahniuk and the ubiquitous Dan Brown among others, a selection of the season’s hot titles, for example “At home” by Bill Bryson and, of course, “The Lost Symbol”, notable new books in various genres (guess what the first book in the Mysteries and Thrillers section is!), Read the book…see the movie and a lot of excerpts.

The newsletter is a bit heavy on the Dan Brown side (excerpt of The Lost Symbol included), but other than that it might be worth a look. Download the eBook Insider here.


McCafe &

McCafe von McDonalds kooperiert momentan mit und bietet Gutscheine an für kostenlose Hörbücher. Offenbar bekommt jeder McCafe Kunde ein Kärtchen mit einem Gutscheincode, mit dem man auf einer speziellen Seite von unter drei verschiedenen Hörbüchern auswählen kann.

Die drei Titel sind:

  • “Eisfiber” von Ken Follett
  • “Der Nobelpreis” von Andreas Eschbach
  • “Lügen, die von Herzen kommen” von Kerstin Gier

Die Aktion läuft bis 31.12.2010.


The Telling by Eden Winters


Time in Iraq cost Michael Ritter some of his hearing and a friend whose death he feels responsible for. He’d left Alabama hoping to escape a dull, small-town life, but now, four years later, he’s returning, lugging a duffle full of personal demons. Engineering student Jay Ortiz attends college in a place where his heritage and orientation aren’t widely accepted. While adjusting to new surroundings he found a soldier’s picture. During lonely times he confided in the image of the somber young man, giving his heart away to a stranger. Now that stranger is coming home…

My thoughts: 

After bitching and moaning for the last weeks about stories that are too short for their topic I went and read another novel by a new author – new for me anyway. On Goodreads Kassa recommended Eden Winters to me and I gave her novel "The Telling" (I think it is her first one) a try. The story is available for free at the GLBT Bookshelf and it is well worth the read.

It is a rather quiet story about Michael and Jay falling in love and Michael slow healing process with only little interference from outsiders. Nothing exciting or dramatic, but incredibly sweet and lovely. Jay is absolutely perfect (I’d almost say too perfect. But his obsession with Michael before he even meets him makes him human after all), Michael, however, has issues to resolve. Together they are a good couple.

The side characters were almost all supportive and well drawn. I can’t say I was too fussed about Angie, Michael’s sister, though. I have no siblings, so I don’t really know anything about typical big sister behaviour but she seemed overly meddlesome to me. Too meddlesome for me anyway. The constant prodding for information, the matchmaking and telling Jay and Michael what to do or not to do really got on my nerves. In the scene when she comes to Michael’s house while Jay was still sleeping I would have just told her to bloody leave. Geez!

The story is quite long, almost 70.000 words and I finished it in half a day. I started reading in the afternoon and was done sometime at night. That should tell you all you need to know, considering that I usually I am a very slow reader. It’s that good.

If you are not familiar with Eden Winters, go and read it!

Title The Telling
Author Eden Winters
Publisher Free download
Download link Get The telling for free at the GLBT bookshelf (scroll down a bit)

The end of the e-book reader?

On there is an interesting article about the possible / probable approaching end of the dedicated e-book reader. Main reason is the recent price drop, of which I knew nothing, since over here there was none, and the release of the iPad and general multifunctional devices like smartphones.

Would you like to read a book on your iPhone or Android? Or on your laptop? I wouldn’t. According to the article’s author the “Millenials” would go for iPad, phones etc, whereas the “Boomers” as the majority of hardcore reader types would stick with the reader for now.

I don’t agree, why would a “Millenial” – if he is a reader – put up with a tiny display and / or more inconvenient “ink technology if he can have something better?


Win a free e-book

I’m not a great fan of Ravenous Romance. Like I said in my review of “Blood and Sex, vol. 1”, I think their customer service sucks. But I’m sure there are people out there who like the shop. Now it has started its own Facebook page and they are giving away a free e-book to a random reader / fan every time they reach a certain number of fans. So, if you want a chance to win a book of your choice from Ravenous Romance, become their fan on Facebook!


iPhone / iPod publishing

If you are considering publishing your book for the iPhone or iPod you might be interested in the publishing service John, my husband, is offering on his website John E Donovan Mobile Solutions (discontinued).

“For people who would like to publish their fiction or non-fiction book on the iPhone/iPod we can provide the solution, reasonably priced and not restricted to free books.

If you would like to sell your own book on the iPhone/iPod we can provide the application framework to suit your needs.

For Book Publishers who would like to publish to the iPhone/iPod but are looking for a reasonably priced solution we have the answer for you. “

The service is available to individual authors as well as publishers.


Freebie from Jessica Freely

I blogged quite some time ago about the first three stories about David and Seth by Jessica Freely. “Hero”, “Stay” and “Scars” were available at Torquere books, but now only the last one is still up for sale. The fourth story “Rust Belt” is due to come out in a few weeks at Loose ID, and Jessica has generously offered the now out of print stories as freebies on her yahoo group. Right now “Hero” is there to download, “Stay" will follow a bit later. Plus, there is another free story called “Feast” about the two guys available. If you’d like to get them all, just sign up for Jessica’s yahoo group.


The Copier Guy by ardveche

I found the link to this story at Whispered Words. The person who submitted it, falconer, added a short blurb: “The narrator has just accepted the fact that he is gay, after about 20 years of denial. Now the Copier Guy may well the one to help him embrace his sexuality.” He/she added that the plot reminded him/her somewhat of “mw smoker seeks seclusion”, a story I blogged about some time ago.

This is not totally far fetched, but for me the similarities ended on the second or third page. Yes, the first person narrator is gay, works as a secretary and sounds lonely at first, but he’s neither such a terrible cynic as Clyde, nor nearly as snarky or as misanthropic. Actually he is a really nice person and falls for the guy who comes to repair the copy machine – and vice versa. That bit reminded me again a bit of “Special Delivery” by Cassandra Gold. But all that aside, this is a really sweet story. Mike and Scott are such lovable, great characters. They meet by chance, meet again with the help of (clumsy) machinations of Mike and fall in love. This all takes place between Thursday and Sunday. I loved it.

You can get the story for free at or


WMSmoker seeks seclusion by PirateGrrl

Clyde, a chain smoking, snarky, misanthropic secretary falls slowly and against his will in love with Sam who worms his way into Clyde’s life. The story is told completely in first person from Clyde’s POV and in present tense. Clyde doesn’t change that much in the course of the book, he’s still the guy who hates people in general and his colleagues in particular. The only difference now is that he’s in love with Sam. I absolutely loved it. At a word count of almost 83.000 words it is a long read, so make sure you set apart some reading time.

Get or read it for free at Fictionpress


Songs you know by heart by Dr. Noh

This is a story that I found through a link at Uniquely Pleasurable.

David gets mugged on the way home from a party. He’s got no money on him and – as compensation – he offers the mugger a blowjob…

Think this sounds like a fantastic story? You got it right. It is.

David is a complete arsehole. A cynic who treats everybody like shit. He’s jaded and uncaring. Jazz, the mugger, is a talented pianist, who was out for some money to buy a suit at a thrift store in order to find a job. He is getting more and more emotionally involved with David, he moves in with him (sort of) and believes they have a thing going on. David doesn’t think so.

This kept me enthralled from start to finish. The slow and subtle change for David from a total jerk to an ok guy was done perfectly. He didn’t even want it himself, it just happened.

If you like intense stories, rough sex scenes, an original plot and great characterization, pick this one up! Best of all – it’s free!

I must admit that I don’t get Live Journal at all. I have no clue how it works, but I think in this case if you go to Shousetsu Bang*Bang’s Live Journal homepage (or whatever it is called)  there is more to be discovered.

Available at the LJ of s2b2


New free story about Jack and D.

I already mentioned those free stories in my review of “Zero at the Bone”, but it’s time to give a little update. Jane has been busy and put a third free story up on her website Jane Seville Books. By now she offers three stories, all of which just give us a small glimpse into the guys’ life after the novel ends. I really liked the first two and will get the third one later tonight and read it all snuggled up. I hate reading on the computer, so the story will have to wait for a bit.

And of course, I’ve got to go and pick up Conflict in blood later on and see what fun there is to be had at Ariel’s party.


Free e-book from Lara Adrian

Lara Adrian is giving away the first story in her popular Midnight Breed series as an e-book for free. “Kiss of Midnight” is the first of so far five books with the sixth one “Ashes of Midnight” coming out later this month. If you like vampires, romance and  a story arc this might be a good series for you. Want to give it a try? Then go and download your free copy of Kiss of Midnight.


Free e-books from Random House

Random House have started a new site Suvudu where readers can download the first SF and fantasy books in various series. The books are available in various ebook formats. The first books available are among others “Assasin’s Apprentice” by Robin Hobb (The Farseer Trilogy) and “His Majesty’s Dragon” by Naomi Novik (Temeraire). New titles are being added regularly.


I stumbled upon…#3

Today I stumbled upon…

this Fortune cookie. Love it.

Want to hide something? How to make a hollow book to create a little place for your secrets.

Just some Handsome books to look at.

Don’t like the happy Disney fairy tales? Here are some Gruesome fairy tale origins with not so friendly endings.

Lots of free books can be found at Among them is one of my favourites, "The enchanted April". They are all downloadable in a lot of different formats.


Harlequin celebrates

Harlequin is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a number of free e-books. I’m no Harlequin reader, so I wasn’t sure whether I can blog about this and recommend it with a clear conscience. I downloaded one of the books and am reading it right now. It is quite an enjoyable read. It belongs to the "Home and Family" category, so I didn’t expect (and was right about it) hot love scenes or dirty talk. Nice change, that… Especially for people who liked "Lost Warriors" and /or cabin romance "Snowbound" might be interesting. The hero is an Iraq veteran suffering from PTSD.

Some of the books offered for free make me wonder what sort of people come up with titles like "Baby Bonanza", "The bride’s baby" or "A very special delivery". Probably that is because I hate romance with babies in it, though. Anyway, Harlequin celebrates offers something for everybody. Go, check it out!