Discovering Georgette Heyer

Georgette HeyerNo, I am not really discovering her for the first time, my mom was a huge fan and she had tons of Heyer’s books in German. When I was younger I read quite a few but that is about 25 years ago.

Discover a new love has a Georgette Heyer feature and sale starting on August 14 with a lot of info about all her books, synopis, excerpts etc. So I was thinking about maybe starting to read some of her books again. I remember there was a Heyer readalong or something some time ago and am hoping some of you might be able to recommend something to me.

I checked on my swap site (book buying ban!) and they have one in English, “Sprig Muslin”, which seems to be quite good. So I might get that for a start.


Has anyone recommendations? What is your favourite Georgette Heyer book?