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My reading list for January and December / 2012 recap


In December I

  • read and reviewed The lost art of gratitude by Alexander McCall Smith  My review * Goodreads
  • read and reviewed Just one night: The stranger by Kyra Davis  My review * Goodreads
  • Read and reviewed Murder is binding by Lorna Barrett  My review * Goodreads
  • DNF’ed Murder Unleashed by Elaine Viets  Goodreads
  • read and reviewed Chapter and Hearse by Lorna Barrett  My review * Goodreads 
  • read Fix-it and Forget-it Holiday Main Dishes and Sides by Phyllis Pellman Good  Goodreads

Additionally I

This month I am planning to

  • try to finish the Grass Crown which I hope to enter in Birgit’s 2013 chunkster challenge (in reality the challenge has a nicer name than that)
  • finish all my other “currently reading” books which would be really great. I’d love to start the new year all clean and tidy.

As for the challenges I participated in

Mount TBR Challenge:
I didn’t read all of the ten books that I first planned to read (in fact I read two), but nevertheless I reduced my TBR pile considerably. So I call it a success.

Narnia Reading Project:
FAIL! My own project, too. But, after the first book I gave up. I suppose you have to read Narnia for the first time as a kid and not as an adult.

2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge:
My goal was 56 book minimum and I read 62. Success.

Books read in 2012

Venice in February Reading Challenge:
Started one book and DNF’ed it. Fail.

Tea & Books Reading Challenge:
Planned to read two books and finished one. Fail.

If you would like to see what challenges I joined for 2013, go here.

My TBR pile and the book buying ban:
When I started the ban in June I had 65 books waiting to be read that I owned already. Today that number is 43. I haven’t read all of those in the meantime, but I purged the pile a bit more and got rid of some books that I know I won’t read. Apart from some gifted books and a few swapped ones I haven’t acquired a single book since June. I am proud of myself.

I additionally created a “read maybe” shelf on Goodreads which is exclusive, where I put books I might read in the future and don’t want to forget about, but I don’t consider seriously just yet. The to-read books include 22 books on my wishlist.

Goodreads status now:

Goodreads 31.12.12

I am pretty happy with this.

How about you? How did your challenges / buying bans go?


The Goodreads Choice Awards 2012

OMG, I feel embarrassed.

Today I received an email (like probably 5 million others) asking me to vote for the best books in various categories in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2012.

My short evaluation of the various categories (I am aware that I can nominate books if I wish to, but for now let’s stick to the ones already nominated):

  • Fiction: Haven’t read one of the nominees. Ooops! Did discover one author I want to try out though (Junot Díaz)
  • Myster & Thriller: Not one, BUT I do know Alexander McCall Smith, just that I can’t stand his Mme. Ramotswe series.
  • Historical fiction: Not one, BUT I bought one of them (Hilary Mantel) for John. Does that count?
  • Fantasy: Not one, that was to be expected.
  • Paranormal Fantasy: Not one, but at least I know a couple of the series, even though I have lost interest. Gail Carriger is, well, soso, and I was shocked to discover that by now there is the 21st Anita Blake book out. I would have assumed by now she has died from too much ardeur.
  • Science Fiction: Nah.
  • Romance: Strangely enough, quite a few of them are paranormal as well, does this mean anything. Does regular romance lose its appeal? I also discovered that Fifty Shades sequel or second sequel or whatever it is on the list. Awful! Where is the romance in that one?

All the rest I will cover with a cloak of silence. It seems the Goodreads Choice Awards are not for me. Some book blogger I am!


Goodreads purge and book buying ban

I decided today that my Goodreads lists (i.e. my TBR pile also) needed to be purged. I know many of you will laugh about me when I say that my TBR list contains 140 books, but to me this seems quite a lot and needs some downsizing – and a book buying ban to boot.

I had a closer look at my TBR list and found that I keep adding books that I hear or read about which are unlikely to ever get read by me. I switched a lot of them over to my “read maybe” list, which is a euphemism for “think about it and probably discard the idea”.

I am sad to say that six Narnia books went that way as well. I know, it is my own project and I am not giving it up completely, but the first book so disappointed me that I can’t be bothered to continue at this point.

OK, so where does this leave me? My TBR list is down to 124 books, 44 of which are the “probably never” kind. I should make this hopeless shelf exclusive, shouldn’t I? So 80 books to read, which sounds do-able. 15 of those books I do not own yet, which means I have 65 books at home waiting to be read. Perfect!


Until I have read a significant number of those 65 books I won’t buy another book. What would a significant number be? 20? 20 sounds good to me, that is almost 30%!

Oh, swapping is allowed, btw, simply because sometimes the opportunity comes along to swap a book that I have been searching for and it would be stupid not to to grasp it, wouldn’t it?

OK, the ban has come into effect as of now… Anybody care to join me?


Befriending people on Goodreads

Why do people befriend other people on Goodreads? I can imagine only a couple of reasons.

  • They like the same kind of books and therefore want to know what those people are up to reading wise.
  • They know the other person through book blogging or personally and want to keep in touch, like a bookish Facebook.
    If there is another reason – and there might be –, I would expect the “befriender” to send a short message to the “befriendee” why they want to be friends. Why would I approve a friendship with someone I have never heard of before and who has no books in common with me? GR_friends
    Recently I received a number of friend requests from people who have about 20 books in their “read books” list, none “to read” and who had about 315 friends (or many more). Needless to say a quick book compare showed that we had none in common, not one. Why, oh why, would I want to be friends with a Goodreads whore? 

Goodreads 2011 reading challenge

GR 2011 Reading Challenge I received an email from Goodreads (like all the other 153.701 participants) that I will get a 2011 reading challenge badge for my GR profile IF I reach my target in the 2011 Goodreads reading challenge. .

I want that badge!

But I am afraid I won’t get it.

Somehow I bit off more than I can chew. Of the 100 books I targeted I read 62 and that is wrong already because there is a number of DNFs included in this. I will set next year’s target considerably lower. Even though I will be participating in the Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge.

Did you participate in the GR reading challenge? How did you do?