Happy Birthday, Wilhelm Busch!

Max und MoritzToday it would be the 180th birthday of Wilhelm Busch, a German poet and illustrator who wrote and drew picture stories that are regarded as precursor to comic strips. His most famous one is Max und Moritz, two boys who continuously play evil tricks on people and were a pain in the neck.

Google is honoring him with a Google Doodle today.

Wilhelm Busch Google Doodle

The doodle is from Max and Moritz’ third prank they pull with Tailor Böck. They saw into the bridge that leads to his house and provoke him to cross it. When he does, the bridge collapses, he falls into the water and can only rescue himself by holding on to the legs of some geese that then pull him out of the water. Max and Moritz meanwhile are rejoicing behind the bush. Nice guys, them!


Literature Google Doodles

Yesterday was Agatha Christie’s 120th birthday, once more a reason for google to come up with a doodle honouring her. 

google doodle Agatha Christie

This made me curious and I went to have a look for other book related google doodles in the past and discovered a few… (source of all doodles: Google)


30.08.2010 Mary Shelley’s 213th birthday

google doodle mary shelley


29.06.2010 Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s 110th birthday

Google Doodle Saint Exupery


21.06.2010 Jean Paul Sartre’s 105th birthday

google doodle sartre


21.09.2009 H. G. Wells’ 143th birthday

google doodle hgwells