I am melting away today, so I went in search for some haiku to confirm I am not the only one suffering from the heat – and I am not…

I’m melting, melting
Wicked Weather of the West
Quick! A mountain breeze!

~Marcia Hook via Denverpost


My car is a kiln
I use oven mitts to steer
Arriving red-faced.

~Tracy Wohlgenant via Denverpost


Sunny, hot, humid,
We all have been reduced to
A puddle of goo.

~via Les bonnes idées mag


Zombie haiku contest

Lately I’ve seen the new Pride & Prejudice & Zombies pop up everywhere. It seems to be quite good if you can let go of the thought that Jane Austen and zombies don’t go together. I’m not planning on reading it anytime soon, but found a few reviews if anybody is interested.

Anyway, the zombies are among us and now they even have entered the haiku scene. Over at Stumbling over chaos I read about a zombie haiku contest held at Historic Fibers. Head on over and have a look at them! There are some really, really good ones among the entries.

And to help you out in case you ever meet one of those disgusting creatures, here are a  couple of books to help you deal with them.



horedsofhell I love haiku. I sometime do a scrapbook page with one of my favourite haiku in order to have them ALL turned into a poetry album one day.

Here are some great haiku pages.

First some of the traditional stuff:
Haiku of Issa
Haiku of Shiki
Haiku of Basho
Here you can see the differences in translations depending on the translator. Interesting! I prefer R.H. Blyth’s interpretation in every case. Of course I have no idea about the original they were interpreting.

Computer haiku
Microsoft error messages would be so much nicer to read if they came in that format.

Erotic haiku:
Nerve haiku, part II
Haiku by Nerve staff members

A review of "True Blood" in haiku form:
True Blood

Do you know any cool haiku sites or great haiku?  Share them in the comments section, please! I always love to discover new haiku. 

(credits for scrapbook page: template: Nina, set 15; Michelle Coleman – Written in the stars; Photo corner: M. Fenwick – Firecracker; Fonts: Arrière Garde, Citizen Dick)