Book locations: Shakespeare memorial in Weimar

April 23, 1864 on Shakespeare’s 300th birthday the German Shakespeare society was founded. It is one of the oldest still active literary societies worldwide. In 1904, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, the society ordered a memorial which was done by sculptor Otto Lessing.


Shakespeare is sitting in front of an artificial ruin, at his feet is a skull wearing a fool’s cap.

Unfortunately at the time I was there I was not aware that Shakespeare’s face is showing two different emotions. From the right he is supposed to look serious and pensive, from the left smiling and cheerful. Missed that! You can see the two sides of his face here (smiling & serious).

The statue is the only statue of Shakespeare in Germany (some sources say in Europe, but I’m not sure that is so).



The authentic Shakespeare

A portrait of Shakespeare has been unveiled in London a couple of days ago. It is the only portrait painted while Shakespeare was still alive. It dates from 1610 when Shakespeare was 46. The painting has been in possession of the Cobbe family, who is related to the great granddaughter of Shakespeare patron, Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, for centuries. Only in 2006 a member of the family made a connection between their portrait and Shakespeare when he saw the Folger painting of Shakespeare at a travelling exhibition in London. Until then the family thought it was a portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh.

From 23rd of April (Shakespeare’s birthday) the portrait will be displayed at an exhibition in Stratford-upon-Avon.

See the picture here or here