A Holiday Card from Down Under

Holiday card and bookmarkThe holiday card from the Book Bloggers Holiday Cards Exchange arrived today. My swap partner was Jeanie from Sam still reading and she lives on the other side of the globe in Australia. How exciting!


I got a very cute Santa card and a handmade bookmark with an origami woman on it. I love handmade gifts, and a bookmark always comes in handy. Yes, I have seen the error of my ways and started to use bookmarks again, :). Thank you, Jeanie for a lovely gift and a great card!


A box full of goodies

Carin from A little bookish and I exchanged a few bookish gifts recently. Can you believe that during her move last year she lost the book bag I sent to her in one of our swaps?! For someone who looks so well after her books she certainly is rather careless when it comes to looking after her book bags! But all that aside, I sent her a replacement book bag and some bookmarks and…what else?…I can’t remember whether I sent anything else at all. Maybe that was it.

Carin sent me all this:

Goodie Bag 

She knows I love bags as much as the next girl (or maybe even more) from our big grocery bag exchange in 2010.  So she got me a book bag from Powell’s together with some bookmarks, a postcard, a store map (yes, that store has its own map and from the looks of it it certainly needs it) and a sticker (I believe anyone telling me they got lost in the city of books!) as well as another large red shopping bag from a store called Food Fight, a vegan grocery/convenience store in Portland. It’s very sturdy and will definitely accompany on my future shopping trips. Thanks, Carin, for the awesome goodies!


The Great Grocery Bag Exchange – the loot

Carin from A little Bookish organized the Great Grocery Bag Exchange. With all those book swaps in the last 6  months or so everybody got a little obsessed with grocery bags and so we all swapped some more bags right in time for Christmas.

My swap partner was Pam in the US. Pam does not have a blog, but she is on twitter, @pam4290.

Yesterday I received her goodies, which made my day.


Pam sent me two re-usable grocery bags from Giant. One is blue and looks rather christmas-y and the other one is brown and pink, which suits my girly love of pink just fine. It is in honour of breast cancer month which was in October. Then Pam sent me a bookmark with a painting by Marjolein Bastin saying “Warm thoughts are flowers of the heart” which will come in handy since I recently started using bookmarks again.

Also, Pam sent me three postcards from Pennsylvania, one with Chocolate Avenue, the main street of Hershey, PA, one with an Amish man plowing the fields and one with a painting of a Pennsylvania artist.

I love all my goodies and they will all be used thoroughly. Thanks, Pam, for swapping with me and thanks to Carin for organizing the exchange.

Would you like to see other participants’ loot? Go here.


Crazy Book Swap

crazy-book-swap-graphic Wallace from Unputdownables is organizing a crazy book swap that is going to be fun! The participants all have to send a surprise book – an unputdownable one – to another participant who HAS TO read and review it, no matter what genre, no matter whether we like it or not. The only genres excluded are scary horror stuff (I wholeheartedly agree) and porn (well, I did say I don’t object to porn but I was overruled, lol).

The event is international, so if any of you feel a little daring and are willing to try out something new, head on over to sign up!